places to visit in dubai

Whether it is the world’s tallest skyscraper, a shopping mall, a theme park, or the world’s second biggest gold market, Dubai has a variety of attractions designed to surprise you with their size. Having emerged on the world map only 50 years ago, Dubai has made quite an impact on the world today. However, Dubai has undergone a significant development in the past 50 years. In such a short period of time, there is hardly any other city in the world that has gained a reputation among world travelers like that.

It is estimated that more than 15 million people visit Dubai every year. Dubai is one of the top destinations in the world for vacationers as it provides a variety of activities for every adventurer, no matter what their taste is. Irrespective of whether you wish to roam during the day or at night, there is something for everyone. There is something for everyone in Dubai, whether you are a young couple or an older couple, a couple with kids or a single person, a luxury tourist or a backpacker on a substandard budget.

On the one hand, it offers a variety of things to do in Dubai during the daytime; on the other hand, it also offers many Places to Visit in Dubai at night as well. It is truly amazing to see high buildings at night decorated with vibrant lights after the sun goes down. It’s relatively hot during the daytime in Dubai, but it gets cool at night due to its geographical position and the fact that it’s in a desert. A cool sea breeze adds to the romantic atmosphere created by the weather.

Top 11 Places to Visit in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

If you are visiting Dubai and don’t go to the Burj Khalifa, then what else would be the worst thing you could do. There are many things to do in Dubai, but visiting the world’s tallest man-made structure is always considered to be the best thing to do. If you only have 24 hours in Dubai, it is still worth planning a visit even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend there. With a height of 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa holds a number of world records, such as the tallest observation deck in the world, the most floors and stories occupied, and the tallest freestanding towers in the world with the longest, tallest, and fastest elevators.

There are a number of interesting facts about Burj Khalifa, one of them being that it has been constructed with concrete equivalent to 100,000 elephants weight for the construction of Burj Khalifa. Isn’t it cool? Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s most popular and visited tourist spots, has set a record for the most visited building in history. Though it has 163 floors, tourists can see up to 148 floors, where it has the world’s highest observation deck. 149 to 154 floors have corporate suites, and 9 are maintenance floors, which are only accessed by relevant staff.

When you enter the lobby, the first thing that will attract your attention is the elevators that can change more quickly than your imagination. It is a live feed that shows the elevator’s current position. Until you complete the count, the elevator will reach its destination. You can try to defeat it.

The most spectacular views come from floor 148 when you’re standing at the feet of this iconic tower and looking down at people’s who appear like tiny insets. If you see it from above you will feel as if you are looking down on it from a bird’s eye view. It is an experience to be truly remembered and something you will never forget.

burj khalifa

Desert Safari

There are many outdoor activities available in Dubai, which makes it an incredible destination for outdoor enthusiasts. When we talk about outdoor activities to do in Dubai, what would be a better way to make the most of your trip than to spend the evening in the world famous Arabian desert, which is well known all around the globe? An evening desert safari tour in Dubai is held late in the afternoon, and is one of the most popular tours in the city. In this tour, you will be able to see the true essence of ancient Dubai as you go through its never-ending desert and satisfy your hunger with its traditional Arabic cuisine, desserts, Arabic tea, and shisha. In addition to all of these activities, there are dune bashing, camel riding, belly dances, Egypt’s famous fire show, and Tanoura shows.

 If you cannot join this trip in the late afternoon, no worries because it can also be organized in the morning and at night. Whenever possible, make sure you do it and don’t skip it. It’s the ultimate exciting activity. The most advantageous aspect of the desert safari tour is that it is available throughout the year.

 There’s barely any tour operator in Dubai that doesn’t offer this trip. Technically, trip inclusion is almost the same. But when you do it in reality, you know the differences. On the one hand, some offer limited-time Dune bashing as they have the camp close to the highway less than five minutes’ drive, while some cannot provide international standard food. Some of the cheap safari tour operators have crowded camps, whilst others sometimes charge extravagant prices for their safari tours. All these things make safari tricky.

The tour operator I chose to travel with has been of excellent service in every aspect. From picking up to drop off, everything was done in a professional manner at a reasonable rate. I have written a detailed post on the occasion, which you can read by clicking here.

sandboarding desert safari

Dhow Cruise

For those of you who have never been to Dubai or have not been to any country in the Middle East, particularly Oman or the United Arab Emirates, then it may be the first time you have heard of the term “Dhow”. This is a particular type of boat which was used by ancient Arabs for crossing water. Through this, Arabs went to the sea and hunt fishes. It was used frequently.

These days it’s being used as floating restaurants. So far, there are a number of places in Dubai where such Dhow cruise packages are offered. Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, and the Water Canal.

If you want to see old Dubai, go to Dubai Creek. And if you would like to see how modern Dubai looks, opt for the Marina cruise. The Dubai water canal is an up-to-date option for cruises.

 The cheapest is the Dubai Creek cruise. It doesn’t matter what you decide, but you should try it once in a lifetime. It is a 2-hour trip, including sightseeing, food, and entertainment shows. Those of you who are looking for a romantic place to dine are especially welcome to take advantage of this dinner tour. The Dow cruise has also been covered in detail in a piece I wrote over here. Please read it to learn more about this cruise.

dhow cruise creek
Dhow cruise creek

The Museum of the Future

Have you ever thought about how it would be to live on the Earth in the year 2071? My head is spinning with so many incredible future predictions from the Museum of the Future, I can’t even figure out where to start! It possesses an impressive DNA library, a mixed reality Amazon rainforest, and a space for children to learn and explore. As a leading technology and science platform, it provides helpful resources! Foretelling how the moon could be converted into a renewable energy source in decades. Using cutting-edge 3D technology, visitors can understand the presentations.

With its exceptional steel frame construction and distinctive architecture, the museum has one-of-a-kind designs and is home to a variety of interactive displays that will keep you entertained the entire time you’re there. In addition to its spectacular interiors and distinctive architecture, its outer walls are covered with striking Arabic calligraphy. This is certainly one of its highlights.

the museum of the future

Dubai Aquarium

Can you guess where the world’s largest acrylic panel is located? With a width of 32.88 m, a height of 8.3, 750 mm thick, and a weight of 245 tons, Dubai Aquarium has the world’s largest acrylic panel, making it the World’s Largest Indoor Aquarium. The building consists of two floors and has an area of 12 million square feet. Dubai Aquarium is massive and can carry 10 million liters of water. Located in the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is home to more than 33,000 aquatic animals from more than 200 species. These animals include coral catfish, strings, Arabian scorpions, starfish, gentoo penguins, turtles, batfish, crocodiles, and clownfish. King Croc, over 5 meters long and weighing 750 kg plus, was recently added to the underwater zoo.

Entry turner, which is about 10 meters long, is a perfect place to get pictures of fish. When standing under the tunnel, you will enjoy the view when different creatures fly around overhead. The aquatic boxes are cleaned, and the creatures inside can be seen easily. To get the most out of Dubai Aquarium, book an Explore ticket that includes a transparent boat ride. Although life jackets are provided on boat rides, kids are still not allowed. Scuba diving is also offered here. Your kids will enjoy the underwater zoo located on the second floor. It has a wide variety of fishes, penguins, snakes, and other marine creatures. You can even feed the fish and the baby shark. It’s probably the most popular thing to do in Dubai with kids. The fun fact is that Dubai Aquarium is ethical, which means it brings creatures approved by international treaties such as CITES.

Even though Emaar maintains the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, it is designed by Australian-based architecture and interior design firm, Peddle Thorp. Tickets can be purchased offline with cash and credit cards. To get better discounts and deals, buy tickets online.

Dubai Aquarium

Enjoy with Dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai is a place that is known to everyone for its luxury nature, which makes it an electrifying place to visit. One such experience is the Dubai Dolphinarium. Situated in Creek Park, Dubai Dolphinarium is definitely a must-see spot to visit, particularly if you love dolphin Here not only can you see them in close proximity, but you can also watch them perform tricks, dance and even sing with them. If you are feeling daring, you can jump in and swim with them! So let your inner child out while bouncing off it. Dubai Dolphinarium is an ideal place for both kids and adults, so you should definitely try it out when you’re in Dubai.

Enjoy with Dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium

Visit Dubai Frame

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Dubai from one of the highest points in the city! The unique attraction offers spectacular views from Old Dubai to New Dubai and everything in between. As you stand at the apex of the building, you will feel like you are from an entirely different species since your view spans 360 degrees across all four corners, making it almost impossible to ignore what we see below us – whether we’re looking at the buildings or up into lush palm trees. In addition, there are many other things for visitors, including zooming around via a glass elevator or the thrill of those glass panels on the floor. In my opinion, sunrise or sunset is the best time to visit, since the awe-inspiring sight of the sun rising and setting just beyond each horizon line is something you don’t want to miss. You can learn more about Dubai frame in this post.

Dubai Frame, Zabeel Park Dubai

Ain Dubai

Visit the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai! Located on Blue Waters Island and built by London architects,  Ain Dubai has a capacity for 1,400 passengers and 64 cabins. Standing at a height of 210 metres and a diameter of 150 meters, Ain Dubai offers stunning views of the cityscape from its air-conditioned cabins. With an amazing view of iconic landmarks such as Burj Khalifa or Palm Jumeirah while enjoying your meal at one of its restaurants with views that stretch 500 meters across the waterway, this must-see attraction will leave you wanting more after experiencing all it has to offer – no matter if you are traveling solo or together with family members.

ain Dubai

Dubai Water Canal

A man-made 3.2 km and 6.4 km waterfront runs through Business Bay to the sea in Jumeirah. At its widest part, the canal measures 120 meters in width, while at its narrowest, it measures 80 meters in width and 6 meters in depth. Due to challenging factors, the 2.7 Billion AED project took three years to complete. As an added feature, it offers a 12-kilometer cycling track for riders looking to ride without being distracted by traffic as well as picturesque views. And for those wanting to cross the canal, the Business Bay Crossing (also known as the Dubai Canal Bridge) spans the width of the Business Bay district and connects with Burj Khalifa. You are bound to be impressed by the Dubai Water Canal whether you are cruising along it or simply admiring it from afar.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Fountain – The dancing water

Dubai Fountain is the world’s second tallest and biggest fountain. It is situated in the middle of the man-made 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake in front of the world’s tallest building. Each time it blasts water, it reaches 500 feet in 20 to 30 minutes Each of its five sets features a unique piece of music, including Arabic, Latin, Ragtime, Pop, and Classical. Furthermore, 6600 lights and 25 colour projectors illuminate the Dubai Fountain. The fountain re-uses lake water, making it one of the most environmentally friendly fountains on the planet.

The Dubai Fountain

Hop on Hop Off Bus Ride

Are you trying to find a quick and easy way to see Dubai? There is only one option: the Hop On Hop Off Dubai Bus Tour! This Hop On Hop Off Dubai bus trip allows you to avoid using Dubai’s public transportation while travelling around the city. With Dubai Hop On Hop Off bus tours, it’s easy to see all the places Dubai is known for. Simply get on the bus, unwind, and enjoy the pre-recorded commentary on the city in one of the 12 accessible languages.  Therefore, regardless of your native tongue, there is something suitable for everyone. Thus, the Hop On Hop Off bus trip is the perfect way to experience Dubai, as it takes you to all the main sights in the city. So don’t wait any longer-reserve your tour now!

Hop on Hop Off Bus Ride

Top Things to do in Dubai with Kids

There is something for everyone in Dubai, but its kid-friendly attractions really make it stand out. With so many theme parks, galleries, parks, and other leisure options available in Dubai, children have no shortage of entertainment options. Listed below are family-friendly Dubai attractions that can astonish your kids.

Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

With more than 105 slides, The Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park is considered to be the Dubai ‘s biggest water park. The Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park features record-breaking rides, an underwater aquarium, dolphin activities, and a synthetic beach. The park has two main towers, Poseidon and Neptune, with different rides in each.

The Tower of Neptune at the Aquaventure Waterpark attributes exciting rides like Shark Attack, The Leap of Faith, and Water Coasters. There is also a kids area called Splashers with pools, fountains, and mini-waterslides. Tower of Neptune ends up in The Rapids, a long water park river with many slides and attractions. There’s also close exposure to cownose rays, dolphins, and sea lions, in addition to the opportunity to snorkel and dive in the aquarium.

The Tower of Poseidon also consists of some great rides, such as Aquaconda, Poseidon’s Revenge, Slitherine, and Zoomerango. Aquaconda is the largest water slide in the UAE, while Poseidon’s Revenge is a 60 kilometer per hour dive. Slitherine is the world’s first true “waterslide inside a water slide,” and Zoomerango is a tobogganing journey with vertical drops and abrupt plummets.

A variety of kiosks are available throughout the park offering food, drinks, souvenirs, and more. The parks also has it’s own private 1km-long white sand beach that let you try a variety of watersports. Fine dining is a must when at Aquaventure park , with celebrity restaurants such as Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street and Kitchen Bar, and Nobu Dubai.

Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

IMG WORLD of Adventure

Viewed as  world’s largest indoor theme park,  IMG Worlds of Adventure is filled with interactive attractions, themed rides, and epic zones. Most of the rides and attractions at the IMG world are influenced by popular MARVEL and Cartoon Network characters, as well as a variety of other interactive attractions. Velociraptor is the most important attraction at the park. In addition to that, Spider-man Doc Ock’s Revenge and Thor Thunder Spin are all-time favorites. I’ve written an in-depth guide on IMG world rides here.

If you pick the ‘Ultimate Fast Track + 1 Shot Haunted House’ ticket, you’ll gain direct entry into the Haunted House.

The temperature-controlled theme park is open throughout the year, making it a great place to go for families and groups.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Day Out at Legoland Theme Park

There is no doubt that with its world-class family-friendly attractions, Dubai is the best destination in the Middle East for people of all ages. Dubai offers various theme parks and water parks to choose from. One of them is LEGOLAND. It is divided into two leisure areas: the Theme Park and the Water Park. With over 40 terrific rides, Legoland theme park family-friendly attractions, and unique play spaces for children, LEGOLAND theme park is a genuinely incredible tourist destination in Dubai for kids between 2-12 years.  Your children will appreciate observing the Burj Khalifa structure as well as creating magnificent structures out of Lego bricks in its Miniland zone. Kids can even design their own cars and race them against friends and relatives. These exciting LEGOLAND activities will certainly delight your children.

Legoland Theme Park

Enjoy Water Slides at Laguna Waterpark

If you’ve been looking for some adrenaline-fuelled fun afternoon in Dubai, Laguna Water Park in Dubai won’t dissatisfy. Featuring four zones, including Surf Zone and Aqua Play, this waterpark accommodates all ages, skill levels and sizes. You can slide down the four zones of slides and flumes at the Laguna water park in Dubai. With six slides and plenty of activities to select from, there are certain things for everybody.  In combination with 180-degree surf simulators in the Surf Zone and Aqua Play area, the latter area also has slides and tipping buckets, which are appropriate for kids aged 4 to 12 years. If you’re looking for something really remarkable, be sure to look into the Wave Oz 180 flow rider pool! So let your inner child out while making the most of the Laguna waterpak.

Laguna Waterpark

Day Out in Kidzania

The premier children’s entertainment and education center in Dubai, KidZania offers more than 40 real-life activities where your kids can pursue their passion. Here you will discover a hospital, a fire station, a flying simulator, a bank, a radio and TV station, a grocery store, Emirates Driving Institute, pizzeria, policemen, and many other things. The majority of activities are not open to parents, so parents should be prepared to step back. Kids can, however, be guided through their chosen activities by “Zupervisors” at the park. To put it simply, it’s definitely not for all kids. KidZania is appropriate for kids between the ages of four and fourteen. Despite the fact that most activities are not timed, most take between 20 and 25 minutes. In exchange for completing tasks, the children earn kidzania money that they can use to buy things at the store.


Top Adventures Things to do in Dubai

Skiing in Dubai

Being a desert city, Dubai is often being portrayed as a hotspot. But are you aware that it has the biggest indoor skiing center? You’ve heard, right.  With an area of 22,500 square meters, Ski Dubai is designed with a variety of runs for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. It is the best spot to enjoy a winter wonderland in the desert city. The ski has a variety of activities to keep you amused. From skiing and snowboarding, to experiencing the views from the chair lift or zip lining down the snow-capped hills, you will find something for everyone at Ski Dubai.  It also enables you to ride down a snow-covered mountain on a Snow Bullet.

In addition to a 3000-sqm snow park with an abundance of attractions like Ice Cave, Zorb Ball, and the famous Penguin Encounter – one of the most popular attractions at the park! Snow clothes are offered on-site, so all you have to bring is a sense of adventure.

Ski Dubai entry fee varies with age and visit duration. Single entry two pass set you back 220 aed. If you wish to spend more time or full day opt for polar ticket that comes with multiple access for a day.

Ski Dubai is easily accessible by metro, bus, or car.

  • Via Metro: The Mall of the Emirates station serves the Mall of the Emirates, where Ski Dubai is found. This metro M1 goes to the Ski Dubai location, which lies on the Redline.
  • Via Bus : Grab the bus line stops 81, 93, F29. These buses stop near Mall Of The Emirates and will get you to your destination.
  • Via Car : Perfectly located at the centre of New Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates is quickly accessible by car at the interchange 4 on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Skiing in Dubai


Adventure seekers in Dubai cannot afford to skip this tour because it is undoubtedly a challenging and exceptional experience. With both outdoor and indoor options available, skydivers can be a great choice for those looking for an adrenaline rush. What could possibly be more adrenaline-inducing than falling from a plane at a height of 13,000 feet while freefalling at a speed of 120 miles per hour?

What’s more, Dubai comes with two main locations for skydiving in Dubai. One is the Desert Campus and other is Palm Drop Zone. Both  of spots offer unique spectacular views of the city and surrounding deserts. The Desert Campus is an excellent option for both experienced skydivers and newcomers, while the PalmDrop Zone is designed for those hunting for a premium skydiving experience in Dubai.  If you’ve never done Skydiving before, opt for the Tandem skydive package because in this deal diver is attached to the trainer, making it the easiest and safest way to experience skydiving.

Just In case if you are pondering about indoor skydiving, both iFly Dubai and InFlight Dubai are superb options.

Skydive Dubai:
Skydive Dubai

Try Hot Air Ballon

Looking for  another an exhilarating and unique experience in Dubai? Why don’t you try a hot air balloon ride! Hot air ballooning is a wonderful approach to see Dubai from a different perspective. You’ll be free to float amazingly above the city, taking in stunning views of the skyline, desert, and more. Dubai city landscape views from up above are spectacular, and you can see the city landmarks in all their beauty. The balloon rides in Dubai usually fly early in the morning, when the wind is quiet. If you’re considering about going on a hot air balloon ride in Dubai, you should definitely book in advance seats can load quickly.

Hot Air Ballon Dubai

Dine in the at Flying Cup

What’s a more fascinating way to have dinner in Dubai than in the Flying Cup? You feel like you are entering a world of high-class and cuisine when you dine at Flying Cup Dubai. With a diverse global menu, this restaurant is one-of-a-kind. Embark on a culinary adventure while viewing the scenery below from Flying Cup!

Flying Cup
Flying Cup

Take Gyrocopter Tour

Ever wanted an up close personal view of some iconic Dubai landmarks? Now is your chance with the Gyrocopter! The Gyrocopter is a unique and exciting way to see the Dubai city. You can actually get an up close personal view of some iconic landmarks, such as Burj Al Arab (the world’s most luxurious hotel) and many more. As part of your safety briefing, you will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in the seat of the pilot-in-command while taking off vertically.

Gyrocopter Tour

Ride Jet Ski

It’s yet another a great water sports based activity to do in Dubai. Jet ski rides have an average speed of 130 mph and a maximum power of 180 horsepower. Currently, jet ski is being offered at two different locations. One of the two is Dubai marina which is most in-demand and other is memzar beach.  Regardless of where you ride, certainly You will observe some picturesque views of Dubai.

Taking photos with the Burj Al Arab in the background is one of the highlights of a jet ski ride at Dubai Marina. In addition, you’ll also view Jumeirah Beach Residence aka JBR, Dubai Marina Skyline, the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis hotel and needless to say Burj Khalifa as well. However, if you wish to get most of this tour and don’t want to skip any of the well-known surrounding landmarks, consider taking a private guided jet ski tour.

Jet Ski

Scuba Diving

Dubai is a fantastic scuba diving location. This city has a variety of professional dive centres as well as wonderful locations to explore the underwater world. There are five excellent dive sites in the UAE that are ideal for deep sea explorers and fish admirers. Deep Dive Dubai is one of these locations, and it is one of the best places to scuba dive. There are a 60-meter-deep pool and a submerged city to explore at this attraction.  Around 45 minutes away from the Palm Jumeirah is the Zainab Wreck, where barracudas and yellow snappers reside.  Martini Rock, the deepest dive spot in the UAE, is another popular scuba diving site in Dubai. It is known for its food-eating rays and dozing turtles.  Finally, the Dubai Aquarium  with 10-million-liter water is also a good spot to swim with sharks.

Scuba Diving Dubai


As a seashore city, It is obvious that water sports are one of the most trending activities in Dubai at the moment. Those of you who don’t know what a floorboard is, it’s a new extreme activity that allows the user to fly in the air over water. Even for beginners, it is quite safe. Furthermore, since you’ll be wearing a life jacket during flyboard, you won’t need to be a swimming expert.

Xline Zipline

Sensibly installed in Dubai marina, Xline Zipline has been around for a few years, but it’s already made its reputation as one of the best things to do in Dubai marina. With its one kilometre distance and two parallel ziplines, the Xline Zipline Dubai is the world’s lengthiest urban Zipline.  With the maximum speed of 80kmp, The Xline passes through several Dubai Marina skyscrapers, giving you the true sensation of an adventure tour along with spectacular views of the whole Dubai Marina.

Xline Zipline Dubai Marina

Helicopter Ride

Who won’t take the Dubai city Helicopter ride if get the opportunity? The Dubai city helicopter ride is one of the most desired activities for all people. The stunning Dubai city views soaring high above, could be sufficient to make anyone want more! You can actually enjoy stunning Dubai city views that are otherwise inaccessible on foot or by car–and you get an incredible aerial photo opportunity too!

So, What are you waiting for?

Helicopter Ride Dubai

Yellow Boat Ride

In Dubai, water trips are offered in a variety of types. Even so, the Yellow Boat boat ride is worthwhile on its own. In addition to seeing Dubai from a unique viewpoint, the Yellow boat trips provide an opportunity to experience it from a different perspective. As you boat along the coast of Dubai, you will pass the Burj al Arab, Princess Island, Dubai marina and other skyscrapers and landmarks. There is no need to worry about your safety while having fun on the yellow boat in Dubai because the crew members are trained professionals with a wealth of industry knowledge. Additionally, in accordance with Dubai government regulations, every boat is outfitted with the most recent GPS navigation and safety equipment, guaranteeing a smooth and secure water excursion.

Yellow Boat Ride

Boat Ride at Fountain

Burj Khalifa is among the world’s most iconic attractions. And what better way to view it than on a boat ride? Enjoy a unique and magnificent experience by riding in a boat in the front of Burj Khalifa. The ride takes you on a journey through the stunning Dubai Fountain across Burj Lake. During the boat ride in Burj lake, you’ll be captivated by the fountain show and music, making it truly one of a kind experience.

Boat Ride at Fountain

Horse ride

When it comes to breed and speed, hardly any other horses can contest with The Arabian Horses.  Additionally, the Arabian horses are notable for their stamina, beauty, intelligence, and compassion. As a result, many who enjoy horse riding make a point of riding on Arabian horses in Dubai. If you enjoy horseback riding and have some free time, you should go horseback riding. There are numerous stables in Dubai where you may enjoy a horseback ride with your family or friends on well-trained horses.

Horse ride

Dubai Family-Friendly Attractions

Visit Miracle Garden

Dubai is a city of superlatives, and that extends to its gardens. The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest themed flower garden, and it’s easy to see why. With more than 150 million flowers in full bloom, this 72,000-sq-m paradise has flowered into one of the Dubai’s most picturesque spots. You won’t find a more picturesque, sweet-scented destination than the Dubai Miracle Garden. There are 60 different varieties of flowers, including petunias, geraniums and marigolds. If you thought the Dubai Frame was impressive, wait until you see the Airbus A380 flower structure in the Dubai Miracle Garden – it’s been listed as the biggest flower structure in the world. Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a place to relax to take some photos, the Dubai Miracle Garden is definitely worth visiting it.  Minimum three hours are required to see the whole garden, so plan visit accordingly. If you don’t know to get there, read this detailed Dubai Miracle Garden to get all required information.

Airbus A380 in Miracle Garden
Airbus A380 in Miracle Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden

This innovative and fresh concept will help your learn more about butterflies. Over 15,000 butterflies from 50 different categories are housed in the Dubai Butterfly Garden. Located within the Miracle Garden, the park allows visitors to explore different types of butterflies. Additionally, the attraction has an art gallery featuring works by its own artists. The garden is accessible to children, adults, locals, and tourists and maintained at a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius. Remember that children must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

Butterfly Garden Dubai

Visit Dubai Garden Glow

There’s so much to do in Dubai in winter, but one of the best winter attractions is the Dubai Garden Glow. It’s a true visual treat and experience for all! The Glow Garden in Dubai has 4 attractions: an Art Park, a Magic Park, an Ice Park, and a Dinosaur Park.  Out of these attractions, most likely will blow you away is the dinosaur park. Besides, live performances are organized in the evening, which makes The Dubai Garden Glow is a great place to spend the evening with your family.
There’s so much artwork in all shapes of colours – With three periods that are detailed beautifully through art displays made up 10 million lights – it really feels like some kind fairy tale come alive. You will have a blast experiencing the dawn of the dinosaurs through the three periods – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Dubai Garden Glow

Pay a visit to Globall Village

There is no better place to spend a winter’s evening in Dubai than at the Global Village. This unique and integrated shpoing and culture destination offers visitors not only an opportunity for shopping, dining or entertainment from around the world, but also provides them over 26 different pavilions representing countries like Pakistan, India, Turkey etc. Each pavilion features its own country crafts, tradition and food products which could make your mouth watering!. Though the most items prices are competitive, sometimes costly too, particularly if the items are quite extraordinary and difficult to find in the UAE.  Visitors can find anything they desire with over 3000 shops spread across 395 acres of indoor space.

It’s almost impractical to properly check out all pavilions in a day. Thereby, plan to visit some famous pavilions. The top pavilions you should check out are Pakistan (for clothing), Turkey (food) India, China Oman, Yemen & Africa Pavilion. Annually It receives over 5 million visitors . I would recommend going early in order avoid long queues.  Global village remains opens between October through April annually. Currently, admission fee is AED 20.

The Global Village lies at Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road. The closest metro station station to Global Village is the financial centre metro station. Yet, even following that you need to walk about 20 minutes at least or alternatively take a taxi that should cost you no more than 12 AED.

In case you are coming  by bus, take bus no# 103 (from Union Metro Station), 102 (from Rashidiya Metro Station), Route 104 (from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station) and Route 106 from Mall of Emirates.

Globall Village Dubi

The Lost Chamber Aquarium

I must say that The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai is a must-see if you are a fan of marine life. Awe-struck moments are guaranteed when you’re touring the Lost Chamber’s Aquarium in Dubai. It is believed that The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai features over 65,000 animals that offer an unforgettable experience for visitors of every age group. The enormous 11 million litre aquarium is home to a stunning collection of sharks, stingrays, lobsters, sea horses, and a range of vibrant coloured species from all over the world. In addition to that, visitors are also able to take part in an immersive experience. This allows them to explore both the underwater environment visually and physically through an immersive experience. As part of its educational program, Lost Chambers Aquarium provides a variety of exciting opportunities for visitors to gain a deeper understanding of marine life. In the Lost Chambers aquarium, scuba diving among the unique marine life of the aquarium is just one of the many things that make this a truly unique aquarium. It seems that everyone seems to enjoy the Touch tank’s distinctive feature equally. There is a pleasant and calming atmosphere within the aquarium, exactly as you’d imagine that it would be in the lost city of Atlantis.

The Lost Chamber Aquarium

Wild Wadi Water Park

With its extensive selection of water activities, Wild Wadi Water Park puts a stop to your summer worries. You can burn off those extra calories while having fun in 30 various coasters, slides, and attractions that are all conveniently located nearby. An example of such a ride is the Burj Surj, which lifts riders at least 50 metres into the air before dropping them into the water below. Others popular rides at Wild Wadi are the Master Blaster slide, Tantrum Alley, Jumeirah Sceirah as well as other fast paced slides. In addition to the large wave pool, there is also a Flowrider area, where kids can ride the slides, and a play area for the smaller children.

Wild Wadi Water Park


Hollywood enthusiasts will love Motiongate Dubai. It is believed that there is no other park in the entire world with rides themed after the Hunger Games than this one, which is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. Due to the fact that the Motiongate rides are based on movies and franchises from Columbia Pictures, they offer a very unique and immersive experience.  There are many attractions to choose from, including the Zombieland Blast Off, Green Hornet, Capitol Bullet Train, Madagascar Mad Pursuit, and Dragon Gliders are just a few examples. The Capitol Bullet Train ride is not for the faint of heart as it blasts you from District 12 into the Capitol! The fastest coaster in the park, the Madagascar Mad Pursuit, can go above 80 kph! You feel as though you’re flying on the Dragon Gliders roller coaster.

Motiongate Dubai

Museum of Illusions

What could be more thrilling than the museum of illusions when looking for new entertainment in Dubai? You’ll be left wondering what is real due to the interesting exhibits at this special museum. Visitors can engage in 80 different exhibits, including photo opportunities where it looks like someone has walked away or appeared out of nowhere. Most likely, you’ll never figure it out that How did that happen? The Vortex Tunnel, Ames Room, Upside-Down Room, and Chair Illusion are a few of the highlights. Additionally, you will also be able to gaze upon more mind-boggling optical illusions, holograms, and visual tricks to keep you both confused and amused throughout the entire time.

Museum of Illusions dubai

Quranic Park

Those who are interested in Islamic history, most likely the Quranic Park will capture their attention. Occupying 64-acre, Quranic Park displays Islamic heritages in a very unique way. Visitors to the Quranic Park in Dubai can experience a real taste of Islamic culture with its ten attractions that include 40 sculptures , including five distinct cultures.  Furthermore, there are a number of attractions at Quranic Park that are likely to catch the attention of visitors. One of the top attractions at the Quranic Park is the CAVE OF Marvels, which showcases seven of the miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran.

With its 400,000 square feet of botanical gardens, The Greenhouse is one of the most amazing architectural wonders in the world. Split in two, the stunning lake in the centre of the greenhouse serves as a reminder of the wonder Prophet Musa (AS) experienced when he threw his miracle stick to the sea in response to God’s command. In The Orchards, you can find a wide range of trees that are indigenous to different parts of Asia and Africa. Each tree has a special charm that will keep you interested for hours on end. More information on Quranic Park you can read in this article.

Quranic Park Dubai

Day at Bollywood Park

As the name suggests, Bollywood Park is a theme park in Dubai that’s influenced by Bollywood films.  To keep visitors occupied, the Bollywood park features a large outdoor screen where one can watch movies or shows at no cost. There are five different zones in the Bollywood park, each of which is based on a different Bollywood film. Additionally, there are many rides and attractions, as well as a Bollywood-themed hotel. The park is a wonderful place to go if you wish to experience Bollywood films in a fun and entertaining way. Aside, The park also offers a stage that enable you to see live performances. You will find a few shops and restaurants in the park, so you’re able to grab something to eat or drink while you enjoy the amusement.

It is easy to get to the Bollywood park via Dubai metro. There’s two options.

Option 1: Grab the red metro line south up to Ibn Battuta Metro station. Following that, take the bus DPR1 to Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Option 2: Take the red metro line south to the end station Jebel Ali. After that, go on a taxi to Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Update. As of May 2023, Bollywood park has been closed permanently.

Bollywood Park Dubai

Visit VR Park

Those who love VR technology should head over to VR PArk. Based in in Dubai mall, VR Park Dubai is a fantastic indoor amusement park that offers exciting VR experiences for both adults and kids. With 15 rides, including arcade games, motion simulators in addition to traditional carnival game options – there’s something in this indoor park that could meet the needs of any VR enthusiasts! What’s more, with new additions constantly being added, you’ll in no way run out fun when visiting VR park.

vr park dubai outside
VR Park Dubai Outside

Dubai Marina

If you’re looking for a mesmerizing and well-engineered travel destination in Dubai, simply visit the Dubai Marina .  This man-made island with the length of more than 3 km is home to some of the most beautiful Dubai hotels, as well as a host of wonderful restaurants and shopping malls .

One of the must-visits sights on this man-made island is the Dubai marina walking route. This magnificently designed walking route is popular among locals and visitors alike for viewing spectacular views of the Dubai marina island. Dubai Marina walking route is also one of the best places in Dubai to keep you amused, whether you’re looking for  a great cup of coffee or something to shop for. If you want to go on an adventure tour and trying to find something more thrilling, there are plenty of yachts and dhow cruise terminals along the Dubai Marina walking route where you can enjoy a day out on the water.  Furthermore, You can also do jet ski, yellow boat, Zipline and fishing tour in Dubai marina. You can learn about these activities in my this post.

The dubai marina walk

Check out Burj Al Arab

Dubai is a city recognized for its recordbreaking architectural feats, and the Burj Al Arab is no exception to this rule. Due to high-class structure, Burj al Arab is the beating heart of the luxury hotels, and a great place to take some amazing pictures. Globally acknowledged as the only seven start hotel, Burj Al Arab isn’t less than a palace of King and a Queen.  It’s magnificent sail architecture catches visitors’ attention from a long, No matter, it’s daytime or darkest night. If you’re tea admirers or one of those peoples who love to enjoy the high-class standard of living, you should try out afternoon tea at Burj al Arab. I understand most of you would refrain from it as Burj al Arab afternoon starting cost is 160 AED, it’s the cheapest option to visit Burj al Arab.  Otherwise, you can go inside the Burj al Arab only if you’ve reserved your stay there that is insanely expensive.  Even though it’s not at all cheap, it’s definitely worth doing at least once if you’re able to swing it. 

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque

Considered to be one of the Dubai’s most visited mosques, ‘Jumeirah Mosque’ is a breathtaking spot to visit for all religion tourists.  The primary prayer room is capable of hosting 1,200 people. In spite of the fact that it was built in 1979, Jumeirah mosque architecture seems to be magnificent and innovative because of frequent maintenance. Even you could embrace the attractive views of Jumeirah mosque from a distance. The fact is that, Jumeirah mosque views at night seem even more spectacular – so don’t overlook this amazing mosque when you’re in Dubai.  Do not forget, as a holy spot, there’s a stick dress code. You can learn more about Jumeirah mosque dress code here.

Jumeirah Mosque

 Kite Beach

It’s easy to understand why Kite Beach is one of Dubai’s best known beaches. There’s always plenty of activities taking place on Kite beach, even if you’re tired, there’ll always be something more challenging to try. The stunning views of Dubai skyscrapers make it the perfect spot for resting. If kiting isn’t your thing, but you still wish to have fun, you may rent a sunbed or an umbrella for just 120 AED per day. With breathtaking scenery like white beach and clear sea, as well as amazing attractions within walking distance like camel rides , you could spend days taking in life under the sky in Dubai without feeling exhausted.

 Kite Beach Dubai

La Mer – The artful side of a beach

Despite the fact that Dubai is home to several beaches, none of them can compare to the La Mer beach. It’s a great place to spend your holiday time with clean waters, a large number of cafés and restaurants, security, and lifeguards.Swimming and sunbathing are best activities here. For 224 AED for a day, you may rent stools and an umbrella. Parking won’t cost you anything, though, if you paid 100 Dirhams. For 224 AED for a day, you may rent stools and an umbrella. Parking won’t cost you anything, though, if you paid 100 Dirhams.

La Mer beach Dubai

Madinat Jumeirah Souk

If you are heading out to see nature and also wish to do some shopping in the authentic Arab market, Madinat Jumeirah Souk is the right place to go. While visiting Madinat Jumeirah, you are also most likely to take a boat ride through the canals to experience the traditional atmosphere. While Madinat Jumeirah Souk has many locations where you can take breathtaking photos, the ones that offer spectacular views of the Burj al Arab ought to be your top choice. There are many stores here that offer a wide selection of local items.

Madinat Jumeirah Souk Dubai

Palm Jumeirah

The stunning man-made Palm Jumeirah island, densely packed with five-star hotels and resorts, is excellent for those seeking to live the high life. The one-of-a-kind Palm Jumeirah structure is entirely built of sand, without any steel or concrete. It was built in less than six years and extends five kilometres into the Arabian Sea. As a result, it is frequently referred to as the “8th wonder of the world.” The archipelago appears to be a palm tree within a circle from above. After going through these fascinating engineering facts, It is obvious that The Palm Island is a technological and design wonder. Scuba diving, speed boating, and other adrenaline-pumping water sports are offered on The Palm Island. You should enjoy and relax at its beach since it is the ideal area to swim, eat, sip, and enjoy the beach.

Palm Jumeirah

Gold Souq

Known to be one of the biggest gold market in the world, Dubai Gold market sunk nearly 10 tons of Gold every single day. Apart from it, Dubai gold Souq also holds numerous others world-record such as it has biggest ring (64-kg) and way back in 1999, this marker sellers made longest (4.2 kilometers) handmade golden chain with 22-k gold.  The Gold Souk Dubai is home to over 300 gold jewellery shops which means one can easily find everything from bracelets and earrings to necklaces and rings.  Regardless of whatever budget you’ve, there is certainly something for everyone at the Gold Souq. Usually, gold prices at gold souq dubai are reasonable. However, ensure to bargain for the best price.  If you’ve no expertise in negotiating gold price, read this in-depth post.

Gold Souq Dubai

Dubai Textile Souk

This ancient fabrics market is now one of the most well-known attractions in Dubai. Most of the stitched, raw silk, and cotton fabrics offered here are brought from Pakistan, China, and India. A few vendors also carry a range of Indian sarees. Located in deira, Dubai textile souk is a fantastic source of learning about textiles. When you are travelling by Dubai metro, get down at the Baniyas square metro station or Al Ras metro station. Those Visitors who’re heading from bur Dubai, can also reach this area via Abra (water taxi).

Textile Souk Dubai

Major Historical Places to visit in Dubai

The Dubai Museum

Any history enthusiast must visit The Dubai Museum, which was established in 1971 by the Dubai ruler.  Indisputably, The Dubai Museum is a wonderful gold mine of civilization, spanning from 3000 BC to the present. You can observe items from bygone eras like traditional Emirati clothing and jewellery or even images carved into animal bones! You can learn about life in the UAE’s most fascinating city before oil was discovered 60 years ago by viewing the more than 50,000 objects on display. The progression of events from before the discovery of oil in the 1960s to the present can also be seen in videos that shows daily lifestyle of that time.

The Dubai Museum

Al Fahidi Historical District

As soon as you enter the Al Fahidi historical district, you’ll probably feel as you’ve travelled back to a time when the United Arab Emirates didn’t show up on any maps of the world. The area hosts a variety of culture and historical places in Dubai. With construction dating back to the 1700s, the locality was home to 60 housing units In its prime . One of the most remarkable sights in the area is a fort that was constructed in 1787 from coral and shells. Before being renovated under the supervision of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, this fort served as the ruler’s base, a fortified residence, a weapons storage facility, and a prison. It’s a good area to learn about Dubai’s rich culture and history. Despite occasionally being referred to as a hidden jewel, Al Fahidi is actually one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Dubai. So if you’re looking to take a step back in Dubai history, Al Fahidi is the perfect place to visit.

Al Fahidi Historical District

The House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum

Finally, while you’re in Dubai, you should absolutely look into the HH Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum Museum. Equipped with air conditioning, lighting, music, and video, HH Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum is a historical Museum created by the Dubai Government. The original structure goes back to 1896, and it was constructed as a safe zone residence of the king of Dubai at the time. The house is situated close to al ghubaiba metro station. There is no entry fee.

The House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum

Top Day Trips from Dubai


Situated on the seaside of the Arabian sea, Musandam offers you plenty of exquisite views of the dam. Even though it’s technically part of Oman, it offers easy access to all UAE residents and visitors. Musandam is regarded around the world as the Middle East’s Norway. Musandam is great for nature lovers and adventure seekers. If you decide to visit Musandam, you should bring your camera since there are some breathtaking landscapes to capture. Swimming, snorkelling, and dolphin viewing are just a few of the activities that can be done here. More on Musandam, you can read here.


Kaykak at Hatta Dam

Another popular weekend trip spot is Hatta, which is located out of the Dubai city and nearby to the Oman border. This small town is enclosed by Hajar mountains and home to many tourist attractions. It’s a great place for those UAE residents who want to watch nature closely, perform hiking, learn about UAE history and take in the lively atmosphere of the old UAE.  The attractiveness of the natural scenery is simply exceptional. Most popular spot here is Hatta dam where water is quiet and tranquil.  For adventure lovers, there is absolutely no more desirable approach to enjoy the scenery of Hatta Dam than kayaking.  During the kayak throughout the dam have fun with the peace and harmony of nature. If you aren’t into kayaking, then take an easygoing hiking around the Dam.  From the top of the mountain, you can observe the 360 views of the Hatta wadi. With public transport getting to Hatta is quite challenging. It is better to travel there by car or with a tour operator. Nowadays, many tour operators offer trips to Hatta from Dubai. One such tour operator is here.

Hatta Lake

Day trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Pack your bags and head to Abu Dhabi right away if the aforementioned options failed to convince you and you are still looking for a spectacular day trip from Dubai. No matter what your interests are, Abu Dhabi has something that will appeal to you. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the world renowned Ferrari World are just two of the amazing attractions in this stunning UAE city. It continues even in the summer, with gorgeous white sand beaches that are ideal places to soak up the vitamin D while relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying one of Forbes’ fastest-growing city rankings. This Abu Dhabi-based tour operator offers many Abu Dhabi day trips from Dubai.

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