Dubai Rules for Tourists

In terms of both its fame and prosperity, Dubai ranks as one of the world’s most famous and prosperous cities. It is considered one of the most prosperous Emirates in the world. Having developed in many ways and due to its many reasons like tourism, law enforcement, jobs and other opportunities that it has to offer, Dubai attracts a lot of people towards itself and most people like to visit Dubai at least once in their lifetime and some even visit it multiple times. As a result of Dubai’s modernization, it has developed into one of the world’s most exciting hotspots, and despite being underdeveloped a few decades after its glory. It has one of the world’s most exciting hotels, deserts, beaches, tourism, and one of the world’s tallest buildings the Burj Khalifa, as well as the man-made island of Palm. But regarding these delights, it has very strong law policies and people can’t break them. If they break intentionally or unintentionally, they face strict action against them and suffer fine and maybe send to jail. Keeping yourself safe in Dubai requires that you follow all the requirements, it is preferable to study the rules in order not to be troubled. Dubai has very fascinating desert adventures to enjoy and Dubai is very hospitable and welcomes everyone to its country.

Considering the country is ruled by Islam and Dubai is a part of it, many rules must be followed regarding marriages, couples, tourists, men, and women. In this article, we will be discussing the following rules:

  1. Rules for tourist
  2. Rules for Women
  3. Rules for Unmarried Couple

General Rules for Tourist

It has no objection that Dubai is one of the best places around the world to visit. Following are the rules for tourist:

  • Clothing: Since Dubai is an Islamic state, people are advised to wear reasonable and decent clothes while in public areas and short clothing should be avoided since it reveals sensitive body parts and should not be worn in public areas. It is important that both men and women follow the values of the place and treat each other with respect. In spite of this, it is not mandatory for women to wear the veil. When laws are violated, legal action is taken against those who violate them. As a means of maintaining air passage, loose clothing can help you to stay cool in deserted countries.
    • Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons:  There is a strict prohibition on the sale of any type of drugs, as well as any attempt at smuggling drugs, that can be harmful to the body, and that is prohibited and not permitted in Dubai. Throughout Dubai and the rest of the world, airports use sophisticated technology to scan all people and luggage. If you commit a crime related to narcotics, you may be deported, fined, or even imprisoned for up to a year, depending on the severity of the crime committed. As for carrying weapons in public, this is not allowed under any circumstances due to the possibility that weapons might cause danger to people, as well as the infringement of human rights.  Alcohol consumption in public and driving are prohibited, and you can only purchase alcohol and cigarettes from stores with the permit, so tourists cannot purchase any alcohol.
    • Photography: As far as capturing beautiful memories goes, there is no better option than to capture those memories in a photograph so that they become a part of your entire life from that point forward. While you are allowed to take a picture of yourself and your friend accompanying you, it is strictly against the law to take pictures of women and persons you don’t know, and you will likely be charged  if you are caught.

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  • Music: Listening to music in public is not allowed if it is too loud. Almost everyone enjoys listening to music, but loud music must be kept in mind. When listening to music, you should wear headphones or go to a special place where loud music is permitted.

  • Ramadhan Respect:During Ramadhan the whole month, Muslims avoid eating in public and drinking water from sunrise to sunset.

  • Weekend: As you are familiar that weekend starts on Saturday and Sunday but in Dubai weekend starts on Thursday and ends on Friday. Sunday is a working day. NOW, In UAE weekend are Saturday and Sunday.

  • Language: Bad language, abusive words, vulgar language is not allowed even to say, ‘swear by God is not allowed’ and you face legal action from police.

  • Work Policy: During the visit visa, it is illegal to do any type of work because if you want to work then you should have a working visa called “Iqama”. You will be fined and face strict action against this act.

  • Dancing: Dancing is considered bad in public but allowed in places like clubs, private places, or designated places.

Rules for Women

  • Respect: In Arab countries, women have special respect because she is a mother, wife, sister, daughter and most importantly she is a woman. According to Islam, women should treat nicely and decent manner.
  • Veil: It is not mandatory for women to wear a veil. It is up to choose what a woman wants to wear or not.
  • Driving: Women can drive a car, but a license card is mandatory for driving it ensures the safety of people and a healthy city.
  • Dressing: Women aren’t allowed to wear very short clothes in public that are indecent, but these restrictions are relaxed at designated places like swimming, etc. Women should wear clothes that are below knees and shoulder covered.
  • Harassment Policy: Dubai has a strict law against women harassment and provides safety to women and whoever violates the law will face strict action.
  • Working women: Despite having the responsibilities of household work Dubai also gives women the right to work and she freely work there according to the rules. Modernization gives women more rights.

Rules for Unmarried Couple

Due to the restrictions imposed by their religion, Arab countries have strict rules for unmarried couples, which are unlike rules in other countries. In many non-Islamic countries, it is not considered a bad thing for a couple to leave without getting married. However, in Muslim countries, it is considered illegal by law and by Divine authority. So, they develop laws to handle this type of criminal activity.

  • Living in one room: Dubai doesn’t allow couples of opposite genders to live without marriage in one room because it is considered illegal. If married, then no restrictions will apply regarding this.  Please note (As you might already know, the UAE cabinet passed a bill in November 2020, which allows unmarried couples to stay together in the same room).).
  • Relation: Unmarried couple isn’t allowed to develop any kind of deep relationship with the opposite gender and you absolutely face strict action for this act.
  • Public behaviour: Couples aren’t allowed to do any type of adult or private act in public even if married and face strict action in order to spread inappropriateness in society. It is against Social Ethics.

Note: It is important to note that this article is not intended to be legal advice. My views are a result of my own experience and general information that I have found on the internet.

Updated: 4th Sept 2023

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