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Who doesn’t like to live in a fantasy world and who doesn’t want to see their fantasy become reality? We all have been to a point in our lives where we wanted to be a part of the situation that existed only in our imagination. What if we tell you that what once was only a dream has now become a reality? Well, virtual reality but a reality nonetheless.

In 2019, when the Sega republic shut down, the public was disheartened about the news as it provided great virtual entertainment to VR lovers. The VR Park was established when the management of Dubai mall considered people’s interest in virtual reality came up with an initiative to provide the public with a similar yet far more extravagant and exciting place where they are offering a wide range of the most realistic virtual experience you will ever get. Spread on an area of 75,000 square feet, it is a two-storied indoor theme park where they provide a wide range of augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) consisting of 18+ exciting and thrilling rides and interactive experiences. It’s the most authentic virtual experience technology has to offer, becoming the ultimate sanctuary for all the gaming enthusiasts all around the Middle East.

Multiple ranges of diverse options in genres according to your preferences are at your disposal to live in and gives you a chance to be a part of a scenario you dreamt of being in as a challenge. Based on different themes from horror to adrenaline and leisure to living in your all-time favourite movies, it has such genuine virtuality to activate almost all of your senses and heightened anticipation that can send shivers down your spine. Entrance to the VR Park is free of cost but for each ride, you are required to pay an amount between AED 15 to AED 45 depending on the choice of your chosen activity.

One thing that makes it more interesting is its multiplayer feature which allows you to enjoy fantasy with your friends too where they too can become a part of your imaginative reality that you always desired to experience. It breaks through the boundaries and perceptions that a human mind is accustomed to and turning them into a nonexistent reality that expands your mental capabilities that are appropriate according to your suitable age. It can be a great way of escaping the existing reality and living in a virtual one like a parallel universe of some sort. So if you’re thinking of visiting this mind-bogglingly amazing VR Park, then we have handpicked some of our top favourite rides and activities that are a must to make the most of an experience that will last with you forever.

#1 Burj Drop:

Can you imagine yourself standing at the top of the world’s tallest building and then falling off of it? Burj drop is exactly what you would feel if that ever happened. The graphics and the surroundings are made so realistic that it actually gives you a chill, dreading like you are actually falling off of Burj Khalifa. The fall feels so convincing that you hold on to the air as a drowning person holds on to a straw. It can be pretty terrorizing as the adrenaline rushes through your whole body but at the same time can be extremely fun knowing it is all virtual.

#2 Dubai Drone:

Ever wonder what the future must look like with cars flying all around the sky? Think no more as now you can actually foresee the upcoming era before it actually happening. Dubai drone is an adventurous ride right to the future and how you will feel once you would actually witness the sky-high car rides. It also prepares you to handle any situation where your flying car might get you in trouble by getting out of control or get stuck in traffic as you roam around the city. It is a great opportunity to step into the future before its forthcoming because who knows whether you’ll be alive in 2050 or not.

dubai drone vr park
Dubai drone

#3 APE-X:

King Kong has been amongst the most loved movies of all time, the climax being the favourite part of everyone where King Kong is atop of a high rise Empire state building trying to escape from the one who created him to achieve his entitled freedom while battling the evil bots and shielding himself from all the fire projectiles. This childhood memory has been forged into our minds for so long that it is one of the most popular VR rides in the whole park. You yourself become the ape, trying to get away from all the evil that wants to cage you back while balancing yourself on the edge of a narrow catwalk.

#4 The Raft:

The raft is a must-try if you’re visiting the VR theme park with your colleagues and looking to spend an easy friendly time that can also help you to become a great team. Based on the concept of teamwork, this challenge requires 4 persons to complete the task. Everyone’s participation is necessary to escape the outrage of the outer world entities. Each participant has a role to play as the enemy attacks can come from anywhere and everywhere. The only key to win this challenge is great coordination with your teammates, otherwise, you might be stuck there forever or worse probably die.

vr park the raft
The Raft

#4 The John Wick Chronicles:

Have you ever wanted to be like Keanu Reeves? Sorry to burst your bubble but no one can be as precious as him. But what you can be is John Wick or at least you can get to experience all that Keanu did as John Wick. Based on the theme of the famous john Wick series, in this VR interactive activity, you get to roam around the very realistic artificial city as the world-famous hitman John Wick and take impossible challenges that involve danger and assassinations. This is the closest of being Keanu reeves we’ll ever get.

#5 Payday & The VR Heist:

Robbing a bank is never easy, it acquires a lot of planning and instant decision making, so what if it’s a game? This VR experience is inspired by the first-person shooter video game payday. Gang up with the most dangerous crews of Hoxton, Dallas, Wolf and Chains to rob the cash flooding bank of Washington DC and experience all that goes through the mind of a robber while he is on a heist, what goes on in these dread full robberies and have deadly virtual encounters with the cops too. Let’s hope you can make it back alive and loaded.

Payday & The VR Heist
Payday & The VR Heist

#6 The Walking Dead:

“We are the end of the world”
Walking dead by far has been one of the most popular series that revolves around zombies and dead creatures. Now you get to really experience your favourite horror story by becoming a part of it virtually. Tied to the chair as the zombies unleash the hell all around the hospital, disposing of dead bodies while spluttering blood everywhere and make their way in your direction to shred you apart. Prepare yourself to escape the ultimate apocalypse and make strategies to survive a zombie attack. Though we must warn you to steer clear if you have been not a fan of gruesome action and are easily scared to think twice because this VR experience is not a child’s play.

#7 Challenge Reality:

Dubai is in danger and the only person that can save this city is you. This challenge takes you away to another planet in the future where the great city of Dubai is fully virtualized. Some forces want to diminish it and remove every speck of its existence forever. Will you be able to save Dubai from all the evil that wants to destroy it from the earth or will back out? Though one thing is for sure after your return from this VR challenge, it will make you appreciate Dubai a lot more than ever.
If these are not enough to quench your thirst for VR then worry not as there is much more variety of VR experiences and rides at your disposal for you to enjoy.

Challenge Reality vr park
Challenge Reality VR Park

You can skydive in the highest of the skies without jumping off of a helicopter on the plummet, or you can go Dune bashing with snakes and Scorpios to test your instincts if ever in a similar situation and many more enticing challenges that will keep you on your toes all along. And if you think VR Park is only for adults then you could not have been more wrong. The VR offers a great range of VR rides that are specifically designed for kids. Take them on a travel bus to show them all around the world without spending all your fortune, or the VR Carousel as they enjoy and discover magic, music, and dance in their mystical world along with the cuddly creatures. The Robocop can be your kid’s favourite as it enables you to time travel through the desert, sea, jungles taking them directly in the adventures of Jumanji.

Not only this, but it also has something to offer to your sporty soul. Whether you’re a tennis enthusiast or a game of hockey, a football fan, or cricket, there’s always something for everyone. And that includes food too, the VR Park has a fantastic café of its own where they serve mouthwatering food for you to regain your energy.

#8 Super Attraction Pass:

The VR theme park also offers a supper attraction pass which gives you an endless full day excess to 7 activities of your own choice. Challenge realities revolve around the attractions of the themes. 18 fantastic age-based attractions for kids and adults from horror to dramatic. Multiple multiplayer activities for you and your loved ones. And last but not least it set off an environment with props that turn the whole experience a lot more realistic.

Though due to Covid-19, the maximum person limit is 4 but let’s hope soon you take your whole clan to the VR Park to experience virtual adrenaline and fantasy that’s way more realistic than reality. Happy Gaming!

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