Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park: Activities to do at Creek Park

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Located in the midst of the olden city between Garhoud and Maktoum lies the Dubai Creek Park, on the edge of the Dubai Creek which connects the desert to the sea trading port. Dubai Creek Park is the second largest park across Dubai, one of the oldest too as it was opened in 1994, and is based on sprawling acres of gardens, lawns, and play areas for children. It is especially popular among families due to its location near the sea which provides visitors with a cooling breeze and a nice view. 

Since Dubai Creek Park sits just on the edge of a saltwater creek, it is accessible not only by three helipads but by water too. Boats that arrive from Dubai or Deira are allowed to stay at any of the four available berths in the park.

At the Dubai Creek, you will witness a vast variety of marine life, which flourishes in the creek’s shallow and warm waters. Dhows, which were once used for fishing, can now be rented for a peaceful, serene ride.

History stands witness that the creek area has been the main reason for Dubai’s steady economy, as it is the only harbor or port in the city. Now, it serves as both a functional area and a tourist attraction.

Activities to do at Dubai Creek Park

If you think that nature and sights are all that this majestic place has to offer, then you are sadly mistaken. While scenic views are definitely a part of the Dubai creek park activities, they only serve to increase the value of the park, which can serve as wholesome amusement for both family and friends. Here’s a list of all you can do once you’re there.

#1 Ride On The Cable Car

If you’re here for the view, or if you’re someone who doesn’t care much for adrenaline and prefers to kick back and enjoy the ride, then this cable car in Creek Park Dubai is the one for you. At the top of the park, you’ll have a bird’s view of the sprawling scenery at 30 meters high in the air. This 30-minute long ride will cover 2.3 kilometers of the park, offering you plenty of time to snap a few shots for the gram, and relax. You’ll have a perfect view of the Old Dubai Skyline, and of the skyscrapers that draw many to the Sheikh Zayed Road.

#2 Shop Till You Drop

For the dedicated fashionista, there is no such thing as an inappropriate place to shop. Besides, you’re there to have fun, aren’t you? Make the best of Dubai’s reputation as a pearling hub and a fashion metropolis by getting the best deals that it has to offer. Keep an eye out for the best offers on jewelry, as that is what Dubai is famous for.

#3 Enjoy The Atmosphere With A Bike Ride

Are you someone who likes to keep active? Like to spend life on the go? Why should this be any different? Dubai Creek Park lets you rent out bicycles at just 30 AED per hour. For two people, you can rent a small bicycle and a large one for 4. Go bicycling through the park and enjoy the fresh air, after all, that’s what parks are for.

#4 Eat To Your Hearts’ Content

What use is a vacation if you don’t come back a few pounds heavier? You can worry about losing the weight later, for now, just focus on all that Dubai Creek Park has to offer that you might never get to taste again, especially if you’re a foreigner to the place. At Dubai Creek Park you can enjoy cuisine from across the globe, from the UAE themselves, and even from your home country if you’re feeling a little bit homesick, all while enjoying a view of the sunset. Sounds good?

#5 Ride A Mini Train

No matter how many times you travel in an airplane, there’s just something about train travels that just hits the mark on the tender spots in our hearts. Dubai Creek Park has managed to recreate that feeling in miniature. Now, you can go for a ride through the park on a mini-train with your companions. If you’re hoping to see most of the park but are a bit short on time, you’ll love this one.

#6 Dubai Dolphinarium

At the core of our hearts, we all find peace in nature, and there’s just something about seeing nature in such intelligent performances that draws audiences to dolphin shows to witness their acts. These dolphins have been trained diligently by affectionate trainers who will help you make the memories of a lifetime. On some occasions, some are even allowed to swim with the dolphins. Plus you can learn more about these wonderful creatures here. Besides all that, the dolphinarium offers 5D and 7D theatres, a trampoline room, a mirror maze, and about 20 different species of avian life. The dolphinarium is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 7:30 pm, and is closed on Sundays.

#7 Make The Best Of The Barbeque Spots

Since many picnic-goers love taking their time eating outdoors with their families and companions, Dubai Creek Park has decided to make the best of it and offers multiple BBQ spots littered throughout the park across 2 athletic fields. You can pick one and cook your food yourself, and just spend your leisure time on a relaxed picnic with your loved ones at one of the top BBQ spots in Dubai.

#8 Children’s City

Here is the place where children dig their heels into the ground and refuse to leave. The paradise on earth designed especially for children. But it’s not all mindless games. Children’s City has an infotainment program inside which allows children to attain hand on knowledge about multiple tasks. Besides that, there is a nature center, a planetarium, a technology and Earth science gallery, and a global exhibition. There’s a toddler’s play area for children under the age of six too. If you want to spend some quality time with your kid, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity at the theatre for both kids and adults.

Dubai Creek Park is a marvel to behold, offering features that would mesmerize even the most avid traveler. There’s much to be done here, both alone and with your companions.

Dubai Creek Park Timings

From Sunday to Wednesday, Dubai Creek Park is open to the public from 08:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night. But on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and on public holidays, the park remains open from 08:00 in the morning to 11:00 pm.

Dubai Creek Park Entrance Fee

Since the Dubai Creek Park is very large, it has been made accessible to the public through five gates, three of which are located on the main street, and two that are located on one side of the Al Maktoum and Al Garhood bridges. To reach Creek Park Gate 4, you can take the metro, the nearest of which is the Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station at just a half a mile distance on the Green Line, though most people prefer Gate 2.

The best thing about this park is that despite its mammoth size and all that it offers, the fee is very affordable at just 5 AED per head for adults.  

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