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Famous for its looming skyscrapers, luxurious apartments, diverse shops, and numerous attractions, the Dubai Marina area is beloved by natives and tourists alike. But aside from the beauty of the area, the cherry on top of the trifle, the crowning gem of it all is the Dubai Marina Walk, which is a must-see for anyone who gets the opportunity to visit Dubai. If you’re someone who’s never been to the Dubai Marina Walk, then read on for more information about the attraction, from things to do to ways of travel.

The Dubai Marina Walk is a project of Emaar, located in the heart of the metropolitan we know as New Dubai. The seven-kilometer long walk is lined with trees, curving around the promenade of the man-made marina that rises up in all its glory. Not only is the walk a skip and turn away from the beach, but it also houses a vast variety of restaurants, cafés, famous retail outlets, and offers multiple entertainment opportunities for visitors. Built-in 2007 and opened to the public in 2008, the Dubai Marina Walk has since become a central point for all who wish to get a taste of all the modern wonders that Dubai offers in daily life.

Activities To Indulge In At Dubai Marina Walk

Headed to the Dubai Marina Walk with not a clue what to do? Worry not, for you need to look no further. Here’s our guide to all you can do when you visit this wonder.

#1 Shop

Let’s be real. We all expected this one. After all, Dubai is one of the shopping hubs of the world, with a diversity in fashion that is unparalleled. If you’re looking for outfits that will leave everyone with their jaws on the floor, then head on to the Dubai Marina Mall situated right next to pier 7. While it might be small in size, it houses the best brands from all across the world, whether it be in fashion, makeup, or electronics. You’ll find household names here such as Sephora, H&M, Ted Baker, Steve Madden, ICONIC, and many, many more, all offered to you in a relaxed environment. To top it all off, it also houses one of the two Waitrose supermarkets in Dubai, which is why it is quite popular with Dubai’s residents. Besides the mall itself, there’s a large outlet of Spinneys in the Dubai Marina Towers.

#2 Cycle Or Have A Walk

The Dubai Marina Walk is famous for its view. You can enjoy that to its fullest by renting a bicycle available at one of the many BYKY stands sprinkled throughout the walk. You can rent a bicycle by simply registering at the stands using your mobile number.

More of a casual stroll person? Well, it’s called a walk for a reason. The promenade is famous for its wide paths and green landscapes. With the lively atmosphere and striking scenery with the sparkling skyscrapers and lush paths, which makes it perfect for a walk with some good company. On your way, you’ll come across the Dubai Marina Walk Fountain, which is a perfect spot for a quick photo op, especially when it lights up as evening hits.

#3 Eat

For a true foodie, Dubai is a dream destination. The diversity of cultures, traditions, and cuisines only makes one’s palate crave a trip even more. For those lucky enough to actually get that trip, schedule a trip to Dubai Marina Promenade right away. There’s a multitude of restaurants and cafés that will satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. There are breakfast spots here, such as Nando’s, PF Chang’s, and Reem Al Bawadi. The restaurants at the marina walk are based in places that overlook the whole marina. Want something fancier? Walk over to Pier 7; this architectural landmark offers seven culinary experiences, which you can get a taste of along with a view of the glittering waters and the Arabian Gulf.

#4 Spa Trip

All that walking and shopping does tire one out, and after having a nice meal, one really doesn’t have the energy for much. Lucky for you, the Dubai Marina Walk offers many places for you to unwind and let loose with a companion with a few relaxing massages or hydrating facials. The Chi Foot Spa, Retreat Spa, and B/Attitude Spa are some of the many popular spas located along the Marina Walk.

#5 Play Areas

While these above-listed activities might be attractive to grown people or people with mature tastes, children often get bored on these tours. But the Dubai Marina Walk has play areas created especially to keep children engaged and active. There are several of them dotted across the promenade with the classics of a park in them, such as swings and slides. These play areas are built on rubber floors with benches nearby, so the children can play without hurting themselves while the adults relax and chat.

#6 Mosque Tour

The Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Mulla Mosque is the crowning gem of the promenade and is visited by Muslims and non-Muslims alike because like all mosques, this mosque is open for all. The mosque offers a guided tour in English that lasts 45 minutes, taking questions from the visitors, and offering light refreshments too, all for free. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Muslim faith for everyone.

The Dubai Marina Walk is a wonder to behold and has many, many activities for everyone of every taste. These are just the tip of the glacier.

Getting To Dubai Marina Walk

Due to its convenient positioning, the marina promenade can be easily accessed by multiple modes of transportation. Some of them are:

#1 Dubai Metro

For those traveling by the Dubai Metro, you can get off at the DMCC Station, cross the overpass by walk, and hop on the Dubai Tram which will take you to the Dubai Marina Mall Station. The marina promenade is easily accessible from the mall. Alternatively, after your ride at the Dubai Metro, you can get off at the Damac Properties Station and get across the overpass to Dubai Marina. You will have to walk a distance of five minutes from here to the marina promenade.

#2 RTA Bus

For those traveling by RTA Bus, the travel will be fairly uncomplicated. You will need to take bus 8, which will let you off at the Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 2. The marina promenade is a stone’s throw away from here, stationed a five-minute walk away.

#3 By Car

If you’re coming in from Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to take Exit 32 for Al Naseem Street. Further on, you’ll find signs that’ll lead you from Al Marsa to Al Khayay Street, which will lead you right to the Dubai Marina Walk.

For those coming from Dubai, you’ll need to take the 32nd Exit from Sheikh Zayed Road, where you will find signs for the Dubai Marina. You’ll need to travel to Al Khayay Street which will allow you to reach the marina walk.

However, the parking offered at the Dubai Marina Walk is fairly limited. There are building complexes lining the walk, where visitors can park for free for a limited time, and will later be charged for. However, if your parking voucher is stamped by the retail outlet or restaurant you’re visiting, then you can avail free parking

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