Quran Park

Al Quran Park is the most prestigious and holy place to visit in Dubai. It was inaugurated on March 29. A unique feature of Al Quran Park is that it contains all the miracles of Islamic values accounted for in the Quran, the Holy book of Muslims. Entry to this park is free and provides spiritual feelings and emotions. This is the world’s first Quranic park opened in Dubai’s Al Khawaneej area on Friday.

The major goal associated with the establishment of the Al Quran park is to connect the spiritual and intellectual aspects or communications with different religions, cultures, and people. With the plants surrounding it, people get to see the greatest cultural accomplishments of Islam. This park is situated on 60 hectares and includes all the plants mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is the most excellent place to visit in Dubai and gain cultural awareness.

Quran Park Dubai

Along with the display of the most prestigious and influential plants, there is additionally a beautiful main entrance to the park. The administration building is likewise constructed to guide visitors through the park. A children’s play area is additionally provided for children so that they can enjoy and feel joy and happiness during their visit to this magnificent place. An Umrah corner is likewise constructed to give the purest spiritual feeling to visitors. Outdoor theatres are also provided to display the Quran’s most fascinating miracles. A running track and a desert garden are also part of the Al Quran park. In addition, there is a palm oasis and a walking track for visitors.

When all of these factors are combined, the best scenes are displayed. There are about 54 plants available in the park. Among these plants are pumpkins, figs, seders, vineyards, onions, garlic, leeks, olives, corn, wheat, barley, bananas, cucumbers, watermelon, tamarind, and basil. There is also a fountain, a cycling track and a bathroom. Al Quran park has 12 gardens. This park offers visitors a wonderful insight into the details and laws of the Quran.

It offers the golden chance to visit it not only for Dubai residents but also to people from all over the world. This is not only a beautiful place but also a miracle. People from different areas of the country wish to go to it. It is a place of profound respect and honor for the Muslim community. As the teachings and the items mentioned in the Holy Book of Muslims are displayed in this park, it is sacred and necessary to visit.

Olivia Tree Quran Park
Olivia Tree in Quran Park
Saffron in Quran Park


Pomegranate in Quran Park
Banana in quan park

Dubai is known for many places within the city, such as the Burj Khalifa, but the uniqueness and significance of Al Quran Park hold a great deal of importance and value. The miracle cave in the park is a government-commissioned project. The park also offers wifi, solar panels, charging points and covered or shaded sitting areas for visitors. Entry to the park is free which allows people from all classes to visit it without second thoughts. As the basic purpose of visiting the park is to bridge the gap between different communities and religions, it offers equal opportunities for taking part in it without discrimination.

Islam’s teachings are also depicted in the rules made for visitors to the park. There was a time when people did not think about Dubai as a tourist place. However, during the last few years, it has become an increasingly popular destination to be visited by people. Not only the Al Quran park is the only famous place in Dubai, but along with this Burj Khalif, Dubai aquarium, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Ferrari World, Dubai Creek, Dubai dolphinarium, Ski Dubai are also the best and most adventurous places to visit in the most peaceful land of Dubai. Apart from this, Dubai offers a variety of beaches to its visitors including Jumeirah beach. These beaches hold the best scenic beauty.

Quranic park Dubai UAE

Even though Dubai miracle garden is one of the city’s top attractions, this park is making its mark in Dubai’s parks. In this park, Islamic culture was depicted alongside Dubai’s culture. In addition to this park, there are many other parks located in different areas of Dubai. These parks include Safa park, mamzar beach park, Al Barsha park, mushrif park, creek park, Za’abeel park, and Al Rashidiya park. All of these parks display nature’s beauty in the modified and attractive form. There are also many themes parks in Dubai, which can provide you with a relaxing and charming experience in one day. The establishment of the Al Quran park has raised Dubai’s status and value all over the world.

There is a strong connection between Muslims and this piece of land due to its depiction of the culture and traditions of the Muslim community in the fullest form. Aside from that, they also feel connected to their Holy book, especially the teachings and miracles that are found within. This beautiful, well-maintained piece of land is not only appealing to the Muslim community in particular, but to people all over the world who are equally drawn to it due to its beauty.

There is great appreciation for this exemplary effort in the establishment of the Al Quran park. This park gives you the chance to get close to Islam and the Holy Quran. Al Quran park’s free entry is also the most appreciated and honorable feature.

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  1. It’s such a beautiful Islamic park.But we didn’t find any mosque inside to pray.Or at least there should be some place allocated for prayer.Please kindly response to our request so others will be benefit from it

  2. Hi,

    Do you happen have a lost and found section in quranic park, my Brother in law accidentally left the apple watch one of the bench near entrance (back side) dated 10th March Sunday between 2-5pm.

  3. I had the chance to visit Quranic Park. I find this initiative brilliant, to make knowledge of our noble religion accessible to all. however I find it a shame that there is no written poster board to more easily follow the story of the prophets, better yet why not set up a QR code to flash to have the explanation directly on his phone and the translation into the desired language. Moreover, in the greenhouse, it is a shame that there are no hadiths or verses mentioned on the display panels. lots of plants under maintenance so not visible. overall really nice to walk in such a clean park, with many varieties of plants, while being able to listen to the Quran ???? I will definitely come back!

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