The Dubai Miracle Garden is a botanical preserve for more than 150 million flowers. These flowers have been arranged in multitudinous shapes and beautiful forms that puts visitors in awe. Every year, Dubai Miracle Garden reveals itself to visitors with a new and different concept. In 2013, it was listed as the largest flower garden in the world in the Guinness World Records. The wonderful landscape of flower assortments to activities for children, Dubai Miracle Garden is a dream family day out. It gained another rank for being the largest floral sculptured sanctuary for forming the shape of an Emirates’ plane, the Airbus A380, in 2016.  

Getting to Dubai Miracle Garden

Take a metro to Mall of the Emirates which is the closest metro station to Dubai Miracle Garden. From the metro take Bus No# F30. The is the most inexpensive way of getting there.


Tickets for Dubai Miracle Garden are usually offered for a single entry. Here is the price list for children and adults:

  • Adult (12 years old above): 55AED
  • Children (3 years – 12 years) 40AED
  • People of determination and Children’s below 3 years old: Free of Charge

All the rates mentioned above are inclusive of VAT. 


Dubai Miracle Garden adds a new theme every year and due to this, there are multiple new attractions that visitors can look forward to. For those who would like to plan a trip to this garden can look forward to a range of attractions. They include:  


Yes, there is a trampoline park. In total there are 12 custom-made trampolines located in the Dubai Miracle Garden. These trampolines can be a great way to engage children and even comes with multiple security features to keep visitors safe. This includes in-house staff that ensures the safety of children during playtime.



Disney Avenue is the result of a licensing agreement between the Walt Disney Company and Dubai Miracle Garden. This avenue features an 18-foot high Mickey Mouse floral display that has been created using over 100,000 plants and flowers.


One of the most famous attractions of this floral sanctuary is the Emirates Airbus A380, which has been proclaimed as the largest passenger aircraft and floral structure in the world. It’s an old Boeing aircraft and covered with flowers as well as plants. To make it, around seven distinct flower species was used. These flowers include Marigold, Viola, Coleus, Gaillardia, Germanium and Snapdragon.

Airbus 380 in Dubai Miracle Garden
Airbus 380 in Dubai Miracle Garden


For those that are tired from walking, there are many cabanas located all over Dubai Miracle Garden. These cabanas are fully furnished with comfortable cushions and drapes. It is the perfect way to recharge after all the sight-seeing. There are also many food corners that visitors can refresh themselves with.

Other featured attractions include the 400m walking track that allows additional walking space for visitors. This is also expected to be an entertainment site that will feature street performances and floral parades.

CABANAS Miracle Garden dubai



This is a captivating instalment decorated with different species of flowers. The Lost Paradise is an underground attraction that runs as deep as 20 feet. It acts as an aesthetic playground where visitors can find over a dozen houses and bungalows that are embellished with flowers of different shades, colours and sizes. 



A majestic hill covered with vibrantly coloured flowers. This hill is a true spectacle to watch when the sun starts to set. To get up to this hill, visitors will have to walk through a floral passage that will lead them to a surreal landscape of flowers. There, they can see the flowers rise from the ground up covering the hill to the very top. On top of the hill, there are several coffee’s and ice cream shops to make the moment all the more memorable. 


This is the jewel of Dubai Miracle Garden. A gorgeous collection of fountains, lakes and flowers that feels just like a dream. It can be the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, as it is surrounded by a gorgeous view of the lake. This lake is decorated heavily with colourful flowers. 


For visitors, these umbrella passages feel just like a scene that is straight out of a romantic comedy. These colourful passages are decorated with a ceiling made from umbrellas and are located all over Dubai Miracle Garden. They not only fulfil the aesthetic needs of visitors but also provide shade from the bright sun rays.


The floral castle in Dubai Miracle Garden is something that is right out of a children’s book. This attraction is structure as a real-life castle and is decorated with multiple of colourful flowers in a gorgeous arrangement.

The floral castle is not only an attraction but also a place where visitors can sit and dine in. In fact, it can give visitors a chance to eat like royalty. 


This is the cornerstone of the Dubai Miracle Garden. This passage mesmerizes every visitor when they walk through this captivating passage of flowers in the shape of hearts. This passage lets visitors experience the beautiful flowers, their enchanting aroma and the careful placement. Together, these thousands of flowers create an unforgettable scene that visitors will never forget. Dubai Miracle Garden is more than a flower sanctuary and is set to amaze millions of visitors with different decorations and creative attractions. It is perfect for a romantic date or an outing with the family.


Known as the biggest butterfly garden in the world, this attraction harbours more than 15,000 butterflies of 26 species. This indoor garden is a stunning instalment that is structured like domes and allows visitors to walk through while admiring the beautiful butterflies. 

Visitors can find these butterflies their natural habitat and interact with these graceful creatures from a distance. There are trained-staff also present who can help assist in taking pictures with these mesmerizing creatures. Especially for children, this would be an educational and fun experience. 




Imagine walking through a captivating passage decorated in the shape of a butterfly with colourful flowers of every shade on the spectrum. The passage consists of numerous butterfly floral outlines.


Dubai Miracle Garden is the perfect family getaway. Get lost in the mesmerizing gardens and then delve into a world of fun and excitement. There are numerous activities that leave visitors in awe at the Dubai Miracle Garden. They include the weekly live shows, trampoline for kids, and various entertainment activities for children. Other entertainment attractions include: 


Visitors who are new to this floral sanctuary will be amazed to see the new amphitheatre. This massive floral auditorium is not just for show and tell. In fact, it is the centre point for live theatrical events. There are numerous live shows and celebrity visits that individuals would love to watch. 

Other featured attractions include the 400m walking track that allows additional walking space for visitors. This is also expected to be an entertainment site that will feature street performances and floral parades.


Food is the delight of life. Dubai Miracle Garden has up to 30 vendors that are located all across the park to satisfy. After hours of walking, visitors can satisfy their cravings with delicious servings of different cuisines – from Italian to American. Visitors can also sit down for a breather with a cup of coffee or fresh revitalizing juices. The multiple restaurants include:


Opt for the world-famous fast food joints – from Hardees too Pizza Hut. Aside from fast food, there are also healthier options that range from Indian to Lebanese cuisine. These restaurants have been carefully picked by the management of this park to help satisfy the carvings of different visitors from around the world. 


There is such a thing as the perfect snack and Dubai Miracle Garden has it. Visitors can satisfy their sweet tooth with sweet bars that range from Krispy Kreme to a sweet latte from Starbucks. The options are endless at the Dubai Miracle Garden.


There are a number of kiosks or snack stands located all across the garden. These stands are loaded with delicious snacks and drinks – from popcorn to dry fruits. Visitors can take these snacks to-go while exploring the park at the same time. 


The Dubai Miracle Garden has reportedly reopened every November after revamping itself with a new theme. According to the management, this long wait is essential for growing and protecting the plants and flowers from withering in the scorching heat during summer. Based on the latest details, here are the Dubai Miracle Garden opening hours:

  • Timings during weekdays: 09:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Timings during weekends: 09:00 am to 11:00 pm

Entry during weekdays ends around 08:30 pm while during weekends, it ends around 10:30 pm.


Email for booking: 

Dubai Miracle Garden Contact Number: +971-4-422-8902

Timings for group bookings and tours: Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Location: Al Barsha South Third, Dubailand, Dubai


Updated on 5 October 2020.


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