Is Dubai Safe for a Woman Travelling Alone

Is Dubai Safe for a Woman Travelling Alone?

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Originally posted 2018-06-12 10:06:01.

Is Dubai safe for a woman travelling alone? Is Dubai safe for American tourists? Dubai as a solo female traveller and travelling to Dubai as a woman is It Safe? Despite being one of the top tourist’s destinations globally and primary tourist hub in the middle east still, lots of misconceptions exist about Dubai amongst foreign tourists and often peoples google such searches. Many women feel scared of travelling to Dubai alone. The worst thing is reputable travel portals like lonely plants also do not cover many things in its Dubai guides a spread little bit of false information about Dubai.

I personally know many European and Americans solo female travellers who visited Dubai as a solo female traveller and fell in love. Traveling to Dubai as a woman is not different than travelling to anywhere in the USA. Implementation of Law and Enforcement top priority of Dubai Government. These guys are doing an excellent job and response to every complaint quickly. Dubai has a very low crime rate. From a Bugatti to Lamborghinis: the supercars of the UAE police always ready to chase criminals. To be honest, I sometimes think here in Dubai women are more strong than men.

Note: If you’ve not booked any hotel yet I will highly suggest you book Dukes hotel because it has an exclusive ladies floor. The hotel located at The Palm Jumeirah that is a nice place for tourists. Here is the official website of the hotel

Is Dubai Safe for a Woman Travelling Alone

Dubai takes women’s rights seriously and has women in every department.

Dubai is much secure for everyone Similar to America for women. It’s prohibited to take pictures of a lady without her permission. A woman can drive her favourite sports cars on Dubai highway at late night and no one will follow her. Tourists are allowed to drink as much as they want in bars and hotels. Females can wear bikini and swimsuits at several Dubai beaches. Last but not least, Anybody is able to get the desired message from any authorized massage centre.

360 view burj khalifa

360 view Burj Khalifa

However, being a part of a Muslims country, the local authority has set some rules and regulations which you must have to follow if you want to have safe Dubai trip. Breaking any law could put you in serious legal trouble.

  • Public affection is STRICKLY not allowed in public areas. So if you found a nice guy with SIX pack doesn’t hang or hold his hand in public. If you are a married couple, you can hold hands but kissing or hugging in Public won’t be entertained.
  • Don’t Drink in Publick. Dink is allowed in hotels and bars etc.
  • Don’t take anyone pictures (Especially local Arab women) without permission
  • When heading to shopping malls, souq or any family related area wear modest dress. I have written an extensive post on the dress code. Click here to read it.
  • In religious places likes mosque you must have to follow a proper dress code. Here is more info about it.
  • If you are the single girl or already in the relationship and don’t want unnecessary attention from men I would recommend you to wear a ring on your finger. If you have a ring on your finger almost everyone will avoid to make eyes contact.
  • Check Dubai custom rules before coming to Dubai and Don’t carry any sort of pleasure toys (You know what I mean:)Smile) with you.
  • Dubai has zero-tolerance for drugs so make sure you stay away.
  • If you have a budget and don’t want to see male drivers ride on Pink Taxi which is particularly for women”. However, it’s a bit expensive than a normal taxi.
  • In case, you are travelling in Dubai Metro, set in a woman section.
  • Best areas to stay in Dubai for woman travellers are Dubai Marina, JBR and JLT. I wrote a post on this topic in details. Go here
  • Before booking any hotel, Do reach and try to avoid nightclub hotels unless you are a party girl. The reason why I AM saying because some hotels are popular for paid business women and I am sure you would not want someone considers you one of them and ask you for a one-night stand. if possible stay any good hotel in DMarinaMrina, JBR, and JLT.

Final Words:

If you follow all these things, I assure you are you will not regret and fell in love with Dubai. This city has lots of things for everyone.

Updated on 16 Oct 2020. 

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