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Are you wondering what to wear in Dubai during your trip there? The Dubai Dress Code for tourists has unfortunately been misunderstood by most tourists because there are a number of misconceptions among tourists. Today I’m going to tell you what you should wear on your trip to Dubai and what you shouldn’t wear. A set dress code has been established by both Dubai’s government and culture, especially in religious places such as the Jumeirah Mosque, where a specific dress code is required. If you violate this dress code or even if you argue with locals, you may find yourself in trouble, as the Dubai Police responds to complaints by citizens regarding this issue. It is always advisable to wear appropriate clothing when outside, and if you fail to do so, you should apologize or consider buying something more appropriate instead. Here are some suggestions that will help you avoid a meeting with Dubai Police if you wish to explore Dubai without having to deal with any problems.

Dubai Dress Code for Female Tourists

Compared to many Western countries, Dubai does not allow women the same degrees of freedom as the West does with respect to their dress. The reason for this is that there is a strict dress code that punishes those who do not adhere to it if they break the rules. There is no requirement for women to cover their heads, faces, and hair when visiting public places, however, it is still a good idea for them to cover their shoulders, belly, arms, and legs when they do go into public places up to the knee, or at the least up to their ankles. Half sleeves can also be worn by women in certain areas as long as their shoulders are adequately protected by the clothing.

  • Ladies Dress Code at Bars

If a woman goes to a bar in Dubai, she is allowed to wear a mini skirt. When women go out to a bar in Dubai, they can wear mini skirts. Nevertheless, women should be aware that during the month of Ramadan, it is recommended for women to wear a more casual attire in order to respect the Muslim religion. Apart from the month of Ramadan, women are free to go to bars in miniskirts or in whatever else they like. But they should remember that they need to cover themselves up slightly when they come out of the bar and go back to their destination.

  • Ladies Dress Code Beaches

Women can wear bikinis on beaches if they choose. Women in Dubai have been seen sunbathing half naked during the summer months, which is very common. They can wear bikinis and miniskirts on beaches. It is because of this that women can spend as much time as they wish at the beaches in Dubai and, thus, foreigner women have a greater preference for beaches in Dubai.

  • Dubai Dress Code for Male Tourists

The male tourists are permitted to wear long shorts or trousers in public places, as long as they are covering their chest, shoulders, and knees. Any combination of T-shirts and jeans is okay for men. There are some principles, rules and regulations that are regarded as having Islamic roots in Dubai, as we know it is an Islamic state and thus follows some Islamic principles. Men and women are advised of certain clothing requirements, so they must follow them. Interestingly, foreigners are not advised what to wear and how to wear it in Dubai. If you are travelling to Dubai, it is recommended that you do some preliminary research about Dubai rules before flying to the Gulf region so that you have at least an idea of the festivals and rituals there.

These are advisory notes for men who travel Dubai during their vacations or for work. Therefore, they should be respected as Dubai is an Islamic territory and there are certain norms and principles to follow to gain respect from the locals.

  • Dubai Dress Code for Children

Children tend to dress informally and prefer mischievous clothing, which is definitely not forbidden in Dubai, but parents are cautioned to make sure that the prints on their shirts do not offend any religious or cultural practices. The rules are the same as men’s. If caught abusing a culture, parents can be arrested and fined.

Kids have few restrictions on dress code policies in Dubai since they have nothing to do with norms or societal principles. Kids candress in anything their parents want them to appear in,and are excluded from dress code policies. As a result, parents should always wear proper clothes to protect their children from the severe scorching heat in Dubai, particularly in summer.Kids should wear hats in the summer or jackets or sweaters in the winter.

  • Dress Code for visiting at  Souk’s

It is absolutely fine to wear any dress in the Souks or streets of Dubai that covers the shoulders, belly and knees of the women. It is the same for men. In the souks, you just need to keep an eye on the weather, because here, there is a lot of walking, so wearing a well-fitting dress will cost you nothing, just a little extra sweat. Consider carrying a shawl with you in the winter or a cardigan in the summer, because they will serve as a cover.

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  • What To Wear For Desert Safari Dubai?

Women who worry about what they should wear on a desert safari trip in Dubai will be pleased to know that this is one of many activities available in Dubai where you do not have to worry about what you should wear. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Desert safari trips are one of the activities offered in Dubai that can be enjoyed by both men and women. On the other hand, it would be a good idea to wear loose clothing and bring a jacket on the desert trip since the temperature drops quite rapidly in the desert at night, so you may want to wear something loose. Use tops with jeans, as well as shorts, remembering that nights are cold here. It is advisable to wear specific sports clothing for the activities you are going to be doing. Additionally, do not wear shorts in the evening while in the desert. If you would like to read about my desert safari Dubai experience, you can click here.

  • What to Wear AT Beaches?

Vests are permitted on beaches, paired with shorts. Beach life is different. However, it is recommended that people avoid being half naked on the beach in Ramadan besides the whole month of Ramadan. However, people should not worry about how they dress on the beach if they are going to swim in the sea, and since they are going to be in the water, they are allowed to wear shorts or underwear.

  • Jumeirah Mosque Dress Code

Women must cover their heads, hair, and the whole body except their faces.

Jumeirah Mosque

It is not important to worry about the dress code if it is not offensive to culture or religion. However, whenever you encounter a problem with locals, the first thing to consider is changing your attire the next time you wish to venture out of the hotel. With a few words of acceptance and thought, you will be able to resolve each issue easily.

Final Words

It is critical to point out that Dubai is an Islamic state, and as a result, it is expected that the dress code in Dubai has some rules and regulations that have to be followed and people have to follow those rules and regulations. Dubai receives around FIFTEEN million tourists every year, and most are from the United States, Australia, and Europe. Since the dress code in the Emirates is a little different from the West, foreign women may have a harder time navigating , so this is the reason why foreign women ought to have a basic understanding of the Dubai dress code for females before flying there.

Are you coming to Dubai on a trip? That’s great. Do let me know in the comment what you’re planning to wear on your Dubai trip?

Updated on 31 Aug 2023. 

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