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Free Things to Do in Dubai – No Need to Spend Even a Dihram

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Originally posted 2017-10-29 15:07:06.

Free Things to Do in Dubai

Who doesn’t love FREE offers? Whenever we hear about Dubai tourism luxury and expensive things differently comes in the first thought. But today I put together a list of Free Things to Do in Dubai. You do not need to pay even a Dihram to visit these places. I’ll also keep updating this post as new things come to my knowledge.

  • The Dubai Mall

This is the biggest mall in Dubai. It is so huge that you will prefer to follow a map, and be prepared to walk long distances. Showcasing thousands of different brands, this mall ensures the satisfaction of customers, no matter which part of the world they are. It has Dubai Aquarium in the lobby, with over 2000 species whose voyages are mesmerizing. During some festivals, the art exhibitions everywhere in the mall, add to its tremendous beauty. There is so much to see that you need to book a full day to walk all lanes. There is no ticket need to visit the Dubai Mall.

There are unlimited items which are available at Dubai Mall, i.e. Sports, electronics, crockery, architecture, history, books, magazines, weapons, food items. In fact, Dubai Mall itself is a small city located in Dubai, which offers almost everything customers want.

Dubai Mall Lower Ground

Dubai Mall Lower Ground

  • Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is one of the famous visiting sites in Dubai, and it is specially built for children and is also known as the amusement park. There are unlimited fun activities for children in Zabeel Park, which keep them active and busy for the whole day. It offers a boat ride, horse riding, swimming, sports, barbecue, picnic spots and much more.

The entertainment provided in Zabeel Park to children is second to none. The service quality is commendable, and the Park authority makes sure that the visitors are served in the best possible manner. The management makes the Park an attractive place to visit, and thus it serves thousands of visitors each year. There are almost all the nationalities found in the premises of Zabeel Park.

Note: Now Zabeel park charge AED 5 enterance fee for over 2 years.

Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park – Image Credit: login.dm.gov.ae

  • Dubai Water Canal

Dubai is the place to visit in winter, and the winter in Arab land is always at the peak. The sun shines in summer at more than 50-degree Celsius, and thus it is not the best time to visit Dubai unless you love the heat. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that why Dubai has built many water and aqua parks, and Dubai Water Canal is one of them. You can go to the Dubai water canal for free.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal Image Credit: shortlistdubai.com

  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

Arabs are one of the oldest generations on the planet, and this history dates back to more than 2,000 years ago.  Their traditions and cultures follow a long path. The traditional Dubai’s life and its features were prominent in the 19th century, and thus Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood is one of them.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

Al Fahidi Historical Image Credit: www.dubaiculture.gov.ae

  • Dubai Gold Souk

Get to see the haven of gold. If you are a golds lover, it is the best place for you to be. Nevertheless, if you are not so interested in buying actually, still the Dubai Gold Souk is worth visiting. There are thousands of impressive designs across the market. Retailers are professional, and very welcoming. However, you need to bargain as much as you can. The quality of gold is strictly maintained by the government, which ensures the maximum purity of specimen, for Dubai, is called the city of Gold. It has several tourists per year than the any other Dubai Souk.

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  • Dubai Spice Souk

Walk around the Souk lanes to see the colourful spices packaged everywhere. Apart from the luxuries of Dubai, this is a perfect gift to take home and cherish later. This is a fact because you will be amazed to see the variety of spices present in the World. You are most likely to come across the spices and herbs you have never heard of. Moreover, you reach here by traditional Abra ride, that itself is fun.

Dubai Spice Souk

  • The Dubai Fountain

Watch the brilliant dance of more than 6000 LED lights, near Burj Khalifa. These lights are synchronized with music and water flow and are operated with many Arab as well as some Western songs. In a night illuminated with stars, when the show starts, it feels as if the water has come alive. In any case, it is not to miss the spectacle if you are visiting Dubai. However, certain fountain timings are observed, which you will need to check beforehand to avoid wait.

The Dubai Fountain

  • Jumeirah Beach

Visit the most sought place of Dubai – the Jumeirah beach. Jumeirah is a beautiful beach area with a variety of decent attractions. It has pretty awesome art galleries, lavish restaurants, shopping zones (Souks) and a number of Bike tracks to satisfy your motor skills. You also get to embrace the grandeur of Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab – The only 7-star hotel in the same region. There are amazing sea views from different buildings, especially at night.

Jumeirah Beach

  • Camel Museum

If you get tired of visiting glamorous malls and hotels, get a beautiful insight into Dubai’s heritage in this free museum. The building of the museum is quite impressive.

The list has not ended yet. There are many more free spots to visit besides these. You may visit Courtyard Playhouse to watch the best standup comedy show of the Emirate. At Pyramids Rooftop in Wafi Complex, they offer free movie under the stars that are for sure, a pleasant experience. Moreover, at Aqua Venture, you can enjoy free rides and water sports, only if you visit within the days of your birthday month. It is a birthday present from Dubai for you; also, a water park experience you will never forget.

Camel museum

  • Water Aquaventure

Not completely free, but if you’re a lucky one who has a birthday during your Dubai stay, then you can avail this offer. You can enjoy free entry during your birthday week at Atlantis Water Aquaventure park. UAE residents and visit visa holders also can get this offer. I had a free pass but could not visit for some reason.

  • Watch Free Movies Under Stars

Wafi Mall is a popular mall in Dubai. Every Sunday from 8.30 pm on giant beanbags at the Rooftop Gardens. There is no special requirement to get this offer so why not watch free movies under the sky. I’ll go there next month.


  • Free Camping in Desert

Have you ever thought about a free overnight stay in the Arabian desert? If you have camping equipment, then you can set up your own free camping in the desert and sleep under the stars.

  • Dhow Shipyard

Are you curious to know how does a traditional dhow cruise build? Visit Dhow Shipyard and see yourself how traditional wooden Arabian dhows are built here by hand, in the last dhow shipyard in Bahrain and one of the few remaining in the Gulf.


  • Sharjah Art Museum

The museum of Sharjah was built in early 1995. Museums have always attracted people, and perhaps the most beautiful and personable archaeology is often found in museums, and this is the biggest reason why Sharjah Art Museum is a must-visit place in UAE. Each year the Sharjah Art Museum sees an unlimited number of people inside its territories who witness the wonderful traditional old Arab culture hidden inside the museum. The museum has a sumptuous structure although the building was constructed a long time ago. Moreover, the museum offers a variety of old products and historical weapons and utensils which have been saved by Dubai’s Department of Culture & Information.

Sharjah Art Museum

Have you ever been to any of the listed places? If so I’d appreciate if you share your experience in the comment. If I’m missing any tourist place which does not cost a Dihram to visit, feel free and tell me in Comments. That place along your name will be listed in this post.

Updated on 22 March 2022. 

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