Five Best Fishing Spots in Abu Dhabi

Among the most popular outdoor leisure activities that many people enjoy during their downtime is fishing, which has become one of the most popular forms of hunting in the UAE. Although there are plenty of places in the UAE where you can drop a line, it’s understandable that the largest Emirate of the UAE – Abu Dhabi, presents some remarkable fishing spots that are worth exploring. With the numerous fishing spots Abu Dhabi offers, you can enjoy a peaceful seaside experience on beautiful beaches, or you can cast your line out on the water for rich rewards as you relax and enjoy.

If you are planning to go fishing in Abu Dhabi, one of the most important things to consider is where the fish are biting. Despite the fact that Abu Dhabi experiences a rough summer, most of the fishing points are perfect throughout the year, so whenever you go fishing in Abu Dhabi, there will always be something ready to take your bait. A variety of fish can be caught on the shores of Abu Dhabi based upon the season, such as kingfish, sailfish, queenfish, dorados, and tunas. In addition to this, you can also venture out to the deep ocean if you wish to find shari, giant trevally, blue and white marlin, grouper fish, Spanish mackerel, or wahoo.

Five Best Fishing Spots in Abu Dhabi

Given that you now have a clear understanding of what kind of fishing you could find in Abu Dhabi, let’s now dive into the top five best fishing locations in Abu Dhabi to take part in sport fishing activities here.

  1. Al-Bateen Beach

Located near Hodariyat Bridge, Al-Bateen Beach is a place which is particularly recognized for its stingrays, hammours, and kingfish. You might even be able to catch a sailfish if you’re lucky enough. Al-Bateen beach was awarded the blue flag sustainability award by the Emirates Wildlife Authority a while ago. This was despite a lack of basic facilities such as benches and umbrellas at the beach. Would anyone like to overlook this?

  1. Al Aryam Island

There is a chance you will be able to catch breams as well as mackerels off of Al Aryam Island, which is a relatively well-known fishing spot in Abu Dhabi. Historically, it was referred to as Bu Khushi Shah, and it has horse ranches as well as royal palaces that can be seen within the area. In addition to the fact that it offers great fishing opportunities, it also offers spectacular views of the sea. It serves as a habitat for flamingos, as well as being a great place to spend a day, which makes it extremely popular as a day trip destination.

  1. Al Raha

As one of the most popular attractions in Abu Dhabi, Al Raha is a mixed-use development with a wide range of uses. It is divided into two precincts, Al Raha Beach and Al Raha Gardens. As far as fishing is concerned, Al Raha Beach area is probably one of the best places in the region. Located at the edge of the Al Zeina desert, the Yas tunnel is an ideal place where you can carry out fishing over here. Getting a boat rental from Yas Island is the best option if you wish to fish at Al Raha Beach, as you can take a boat trip from there to the spot and then fish from the boat.

  1. Icad II

This beautiful fishing spot is situated at the edge of Musaffah South, so it can be safely said that the Icad II is one of the best fishing spots in Abu Dhabi. In spite of the small size of the fish in ICAD 2, the fish seems to be extremely energetic despite its small size. In case you are planning on visiting it, make sure that you bring shrimp pieces as well as chicken pieces to use as bait. Fish and squid should not be cooked here. There are no markets or stores located in the ICAD II area, which is unfortunate. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to carry enough food and water with you to ensure that you enjoy your stay in the area.

Permits for Fishing in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s oceans and their species have been protected and protected by the Federal Law Number. (23) of the year 1999. In accordance with the Federal Law number 23, people who wish to fish on the beaches in Abu Dhabi must get a license from the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi in order to do so.

Documents Required to get a Fishing License in Abu Dhabi:

  • Passport Photocopy
  • Passport size photographs
  • Photo ID

To acquire a recreational fishing license in Abu Dhabi, you’ve to submit the following documents:

For Local Residents:

  • A copy of the passport
  • Your Emirates ID
  • A boat license (if applicable)
  • A photograph of yourself

For Non-local Residents:

  • Proof of residency like Tenancy Contract or Ownership Certificate
  • Electricity bill
  • Job contract or Official Letter
  • Work permit

Different Types of Fishing Licenses in Abu Dhabi:

Fishing licenses are issued by Environment Energy Abu Dhabi, which is responsible for the issuance of licenses in Abu Dhabi. A number of different types of fishing licenses are offered by EAD in order to meet the fishing needs of a variety of customers. These are generally the following:

  • Commercial Fishing License for professional fishermen
  • Fishing Net Permit (Al Ghazal) for those fishers who own a speedboat and a business license
  • Weekly Recreational Fishing License for the public to fish on Abu Dhabi beaches
  • Annual Recreational Fishing License with one-year validity of fishing on Abu Dhabi beaches
  • Hadhra Fishing License, issued to conventional Hadhra fishermen
  • Gargour Permit for commercial fishers owning large fishing launches
  • Bohoor Permit allows traditional UAE fishers to accomplish fishing in internal waters (Bohoor) and regional water in Abu Dhabi
  • Dufara Fishing Make it possible for fishers using Dufara fishing net in shallow waters and having a registered boat

Illegal Fishing Penalty

Unlawful fishing in Abu Dhabi does exist in certain parts of the emirates. Illegitimate fishing threatens marine ecosystems. For that reason, AED has taken several punishments for Illegal fishing. In accordance with Federal law number 23, fishing other than designated spot and without a permit can lead you a penalty of AED 2,000 AED.

Best Time to go Fishing in Abu Dhabi

There are two best times in the day to do fishing in Abu Dhabi, the first is when the sun rises and the second is when it sets. The majority of fishing occurs when the sun rises or sets. As far as the season goes, the winter months in Abu Dhabi offer the best fishing conditions. In conclusion, I would like you to take advantage of the fishing season in Abu Dhabi from October to March if you are interested in fishing.

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