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It is undeniable that the vast majority of the UAE’s land is desert in nature. However, Shees Park Khorfakkan stands out from the rest. Shees Park lies outside Sharjah city, about 90 minutes drive from Dubai by car. Shees Park is more spectacular than other parks, like Creek Park, because it is surrounded by the Hajar Mountains with breathtaking views, and it is accompanied by a waterfall that is manmade.

In addition to the combination of these attractive tourist features, Shees Park also offers a number of amenities to facilitate the visitors of its park. Furthermore, in addition, it has a separate designated BBQ area, rest area, prayer area, restrooms, a mountain terrace, shaded seating, outdoor theaters, green walkways, parking, toilets, a restaurant, a lake, and a children’s play area that make it a perfect weekend getaway from Dubai for both bachelors and families.

There are numerous views to be enjoyed in Shees Park, but going to its viewing points is the best way to see the park at it’s best. Therefore, if you like bird’s eye views, you need to pay a visit to its viewing points in the evening.

How to reach Shees Park?

For those who are coming from Dubai by car, take Emirates Road (E611) to Sharjah and take the Khor Fakkan Road exit. After leaving E611 highway, you’ll have to continue down Khor Fakkan Road for roughly 70 kilometers, before approaching the ramp toward the Shees area. Following that, you will continue straight from the roundabout onto Masafi road until you reach Shees park.

If you’re staying in Sharjah and don’t have a car convenience, the easiest way to get from Sharjah to Khor Fakkan is by bus. Take a bus from your nearby bus station to Al Qadsia Bus Stop. Once you arrive at Al Qadsia Bus Stop, take a taxi to Masafi Road or Shees Park.

Activities to do at Shees Park

Sharjah has been putting in a lot of effort in the last few years to attract visitors from around the world as well as from the local area. The proximity of Sharjah to Dubai makes it an ideal weekend destination for residents of Dubai. To achieve its tourism goal, Sharjah is providing a one-of-a-kind experience for Sheers Park visitors by featuring the most sophisticated facilities designed for nature enthusiasts.

Watch Show at Outdoor Theater

Unlike most of the parks in the UAE that don’t have cinemas, especially the parks that are free to enter, Sheers Park in Khor Fakkan has an outdoor theater that keeps its visitors occupied all day and night. The open-air amphitheater at Shees park can accommodate approximately 70 people, making it an ideal venue for a variety of events.

Ascend the Mountain

To assist climbers, Shees Park in Khor Fakkan has 506 meters of ascending pathways for visitors to use. These trails are well paved with bare stone that reminds you of ancient traditional pathways. There are three stages of the mountain terrace that lead to the main viewing deck, from where you can savor the spectacular landscapes of the park and adjoining hajar mountains.

Have a BBQ Party

At Shees Park, there are also five designated barbecue areas so that those who like to host outdoor BBQ parties can have a good time. Unfortunately, night camping is not permitted at Shees Park. It is also important to note that the barbeque area is a first-come, first-served type of grill area and it certainly may get crowded on Saturdays and Sundays and during peak times. The park also provides shaded seating areas for families and friends to enjoy fun outdoor refreshments!

Walk Around the Park

The Shees Park offers a pleasant walking route that will take you throughout the entire park. Even though walking is a wonderful experience every time, especially when the weather is cool and nice, it will be even more enjoyable. In addition, the Shees Park offers many restaurants that are easily accessible for a quick meal, so if you get exhausted after walking the park, you will not have to worry.

Indulge in Artificial Lake & Water fall

If walking doesn’t catch your attention, there is an artificial 25-meter-high waterfall along with a small lake where you can grab awesome selfies along with your loved-ones.

Let Kids have fun

A Separate kids playing area makes the experience even better for families. You Kids will unquestionably enjoy the slides and many more activities at Shees Park Sharjah.

Shees Park Entry Fee

As per latest update, now 5 AED entry fee is charged at shees park.

Tips to follow when visiting Shees Park

  • Any kind of pet is not permitted in the park, along with other fun-based activities such as camping, football, shisha, horseback riding, hunting and swimming.
  • Even though the park has an exclusive car parking with plenty of space, during peak days like national holidays you may struggle to find a parking space. Therefore, schedule your visit to Seers Park carefully.

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